OEH Graduate Education Programs

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OEH Graduate Education Programs

One year
  • 35 Core    15 Elective

Practicum Experience Required
Areas of Concentration:

  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology
  • Environmental and Occupational Health
  • Health Services Administration
  • Global Health
  • Tropical Public Health
Appropriate for the student who plans a career in public health practice that does not necessarily involve research
Minimum of 60 credit hours
Two years
Minimum of 120 credit hours


  • At least 60 hours of coursework (non-research)

Practicum Experience Required
Written, orally defended thesis is required Specialty Tracks:

  • Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
  • Medical Zoology

Generally seen as a bridge to earning a PhD
Provides students with general skills and knowledge for a career in public health that includes research. For students desiring more focused skills in a specific field of public health

DrPH versus PhD at a glance

Three year
144 minimum quarter hour credits


  • 48 hours of formal graded coursework

Practice Oriented
Oral Qualifying Examination
Thesis and Defense
Problems emerge from the public arena, including policy debates and the news media
Emphasis on the scholarship of application of scientific knowledge in order to solve real-world public health problems; may also use hypothesis driven methods
Contribution to public health practice that is most often multi-disciplinary and integrative
Strong analytical skills used to assess and evaluate public health problems and programs
Leadership in public health practice settings
Future careers in public health agencies and programs; may include academia
Communicates findings to the public and policy-makers

Three years
144 minimum quarter hour credits


  • 48 hours of formal graded coursework

Research Oriented
Oral Qualifying Examination
Dissertation and Defense
Problems emerge from scientific inquiry and literature research
Emphasis on the scholarship of the discovery of new scientific knowledge and on hypothesis-driven research
Contributions to theory in a discipline
Strong analytical skills used in basic science research
Leadership in a substantive or methodological area
Future careers in academic and research institutions
Communicates findings to scientific literature