OEH Graduate Education Areas of Research

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Areas of Research Interest

  • Real-time detection of military & PH threats
    • Development & evaluation of chemical detection instruments/methods for use by mil/fed agencies
  • Development of a chip-based air sampling device for rapid exposure assessment
  • Collaborative DoD mosquito repellency studies
  • Open air burn pits v. incineration
  • Temporal evaluation of hazardous airborne pollutant concentrations at forward-deployed bases
  • Evaluation of potential water contaminants in stored ROWPU-generated water in field

Faculty publications 2006-2013

Author(s)- Year

Article Title- Journal

Gellasch, CA, Bradbury, KR, Hart, DJ, & Bahr JM- 2013
Characterization of fracture connectivity in a siliciclastic bedrock aquifer near a public supply well (Wisconsin, USA)- Hydrogeology Journal
Gellasch, CA, Wang, HF, Bradbury, KR, Bahr, JM, & Lande, LL- 2013
Reverse Water-Level Fluctuations Associated with Fracture Connectivity-Ground Water
Gellasch, CA,- 2012
Hydrogeological support to United States military operations, 1917-2010. In: Rose, E. P. F. & Mather, J. D. (eds) Military Aspects of Hydrogeology.Geological Society, London, Special Publications
Dorevitch S, Doi M, Hsu F-C, Lin K-T, Roberts JD, Liu LC, Gladding R, Vannoy R, Li H, Scheff PA-2011
A comparison of rapid and conventional measures of indicator bacteria as predictors of waterborne protozoan pathogen presence and density- J of Environmental Monitoring
Delong, GT, Wolf, CE, Poklis, A, Lichtman, A- 2011
Cannabichromene and tetrahydrocannabinol determination in mouse blood and brain by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry- Journal of Analytical Toxicology
Deussing, EC, Artino, AR, Folga, RV- 2011
In-Flight Hypoxia Events in Tactical Jet Aviation: Characteristics Compared to Normobaric Training- Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine
Hout, JJ, Kluchinsky, T, LaPuma, PT, White, DW- 2011
Panel 5: Educating Leaders on Identifying and Mitigating Environmental Exposure Risks- Journal of Environmental Health
Hout, JJ, Young, AL- 2011
Cannabichromene and tetrahydrocannabinol determination in mouse blood and brain by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry- Military Medicine
Lezama, NG,Riddles, LM,Pollan, WA,Profenna, LC- 2011
Disaster Aeromedical Evacuation- Military Medicine
Martin, NJ, Richards, EE, Kirkpatrick, JS- 2011
Exposure Sciene in U.S. Military Operations: a Review- Military Medicine
Smith, PA, Lepage, CR, Savage, PB, Bowerbank, CR, Lee, ED, Lukacs, MJ- 2011
Use of a hand-portable gas chromatograph-toroidal ion trap mass spectrometer for self-chemical ionization identification of degradation products related to O-ethyl S-(2-diisopropylaminoethyl) methyl phosphonothiolate (VX)- Analytica Chimica Acta
Smith, TC, Jacobson, IG, Hooper, TI, LeardMann, CA, Boyko, EJ, Smith, B, Gackstetter, GD, Wells,TS, Amoroso, PJ,et al-2011
Health impact of US military service in a large population-based military cohort: findings of the Millennium Cohort Study, 2001-2008 - art. no. 69-BMC Public Health
Smith, PA, Roe, MT, Sadowski, C, Lee, ED- 2011
Unknown exposures: gaps in basic characterization addressed with person-portable gas chromatography-mass spectrometry instrumentation- Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
White, DW, Feigley, CE, McKeown, RE, Hout, JJ, Herbert, JR- 2011
Association Between Barracks Type and Acute Respiratory Infection in a Gender Integrated Army Basic Combat Training Population- Military Medicine
Belland, KM, Olsen, C, Lawry, R-2010
Carrier air wing mishap reduction using a human factors classification system and risk management- Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine
Bray, RM, Spira, JL, Olmsted, KR, Hout, JJ- 2010
Behavioral and Occupational Fitness- Military Medicine
Cook, GW, Lapuma, PT, Hook, GL, Eckenrode, BA- 2010
Using Gas Chromatography with Ion Mobility Spectrometry to Resolve Explosive Compounds in the Presence of Interferents*- J Forensic Sci
Delong, GT, Wolf, CE, Poklis, A, Lichtman, AH- 2010
Pharmacological Evaluation of the Natural Constituent of Cannabis sativa, cannabichromene and its modulation by Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol-Drug and Alcohol Dependence
Hout, JJ, Hook, GL, Lapuma, PT, White, DW- 2010
Identification of Compounds Formed During Low Temperature Thermal Dispersion of Encapsulated o-Chlorobenzylidene Malononitrile (CS Riot Control Agent)- Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
Kwan, C, Synder, AP, Erickson, RP, Smith, PA, Maswadeh, WM, Ayhan, B, Jensen, JL, Jensen, JO, Tripathi, A- 2010
Chemical Agent Detection Using GC-IMS: A Comparative Study- IEEE Sensors Journal
Lee, ED, Smith, PA, Bowerbank, CR, Later, DW- 2010
Rapid Chemical Threat Identification by SPME-GC-TMS- Homeland Security
O'Connor, FG, Deuster, PA, DeGroot, DW, White, DW- 2010
Effectiveness, Suitability, and Performance Testing of the SKC (R) Deployable Particulate Sampler (DPS) As Compared to the Currently Deployed Airmetrics (TM) MiniVol (TM) Portable Air Sampler- Journal of Environmental Health
Romanyukha, A, Reyes, RA, Trompier, F, Benevides, LA-2010
Fingernail Dosimetry: Current Status and Perspectives- Health Physics
Smith, PA, Lepage, CJ, Lukacs, M, Martin, N, Shufutinsky, A, Savage, PB
Field-portable gas chromatography with transmission quadrupole and cylindrical ion trap mass spectrometric detection: Chromatographic retention index data and ion/molecule interactions for chemical warfare agent identification- International Journal of Mass Spectrometry
Artino, AR, Folga, RV, Vacchiano, C- 2009
Normobaric hypoxia training: the effects of breathing-gas flow rate on symptoms- Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine
Haselbach, L, Hussey, J, Feifley, CE, Hebert, JR, White, DW, Lawson, A- 2009
Airborne Transmission via HVAC of Acute Respiratory Infections in Military Facilities? Review of a Basic Training Cohort Study- Journal of Green Building
Ramsey, SA, Mustacich, RV, Smith, PA, Hook, GL, Eckenrode, BA- 2009
Directly Heated High Surface Area Solid Phase Microextraction Sampler for Rapid Field Forensic Analyses- Analytical Chemistry
Reyes, RA, Romanyukha, A, Olsen, C, Trompier, F, Benevides, LA- 2009
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance in Irradiated Fingernails: Variability of Dose Dependence and Possibilities of Initial Dose Assessment- Radiation and Environmental Biophysics
Reyes, RA, Romanyukha, A, Trompier, F, Mitchell, CA, Clairand, I, De, T, Benevides, LA, Swartz, HM- 2008
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance in Human Fingernails: the Sponge Model Implication- Radiation and Environmental Biophysics
Bryant, CK, LaPuma, PT, Hook, GL, Houser, EJA- 2007
Chemical Agent Identification by Field-Based Attenuated Total Reflectance Infrared Detection and Solid-Phase Microextraction-Analytical Chemistry
Smith, PA, Lepage, CJ, Harrer, KL, Brochu PJ- 2007
Hand-held photoionization instruments for quantitative detection of sarin vapor and for rapid qualitative screening of contaminated objects-Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
Artino, AR,Folga, RV,Swan, BD-2006
Mask-on hypoxia training for tactical jet aviators: Evaluation of an alternate instructional paradigm- Journal of Gravitational Physiology
Clark, KR, Neal, TA, Johnson TE-2006
Creation of an innovative laser incident reporting form for improved trend analysis using the Delphi technique- Military Medicine
Erickson, RP, Tripathi, A, Maswadeh, WM, Snyder, AP ,Smith, PA- 2006
Closed tube sample introduction for gas chromatography-ion mobility spectrometry analysis of water contaminated with a chemical warfare agent surrogate compound- Analytica Chimica Acta
Cook, G, Whitchurch, C, McCollam, D, Mount, K, Miller, M, Hook, G, Eckenrode, B
Improving Ion Mobility Spectrometry Trace Detection Methodology for Field Applications
Hook, G, Smith, P
Solid Phase Microextraction as a Sampling Method for Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry in the Field- Poster
Ramsey, SA, Zussman, EA, Mustacich, V, Eckenrode, BA
Evaluation of a High Surface Area Solid-Phase Microextraction Design for Forensic Applications- Poster
Shufutinsky, A, Smith, P
Characterization of Molecular Rearrangement Processes During Analysis of Carbonyl and Phosphoryl Compounds Using Small Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers- Poster
Deussing, E, Artino, A, Folga, R
In-Flight Hypoxia Events in Tactical Jet Aviation: Characteristics and Symptoms- Poster
Romanyukha, A, Reyes, RA, Trompier, F, Benevides, LA, Swartz, HM
Fingernail Dosimetry: Current Status and Perspectives- Poster
Reyes, RA, Romanyukha, A, Trompier, F, Benevides, LA
Study of the Stability of EPR Signals after Irradiation of Fingernail Samples- Poster
Artino, AR
Online Aviation Physiology Training: Is Student "Success" Related to Career Choice?- Poster
Artino, AR, Folga, RV, Swan, BD
The Future of Aviation Survival Training: A Hybrid Instructional Model-Poster
Martin, NJ, Strating, S, Achee, NL, Smith, PA, DeLong, GT
A Novel Thermal Desorption Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Method for the Quantitation of Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) in Air- Poster
Shufutinsky, A, Michels, H, Moran, W, Estelle, A, Michel, J, Dreska, C, Simon, D
The Potential for the Application of Metallic Copper Surfaces as a Method for Preventing Surface and Airborne Microbial Contamination in Military Healthcare Facilities, Food Handling Operations, and Other Occupational Settings- Poster
Brown, C, Smith, PA, Martin, NJ, Achee, NL, DeLong, GT
Novel Field Application of Tracer Gas Dilution for Evaluating Indoor Air Quality- Poster


Color Indicates Affiliation: Air ForceArmyNavyCivilian, Canadian Defense Force

Research for June 2013 Graduates

  • A Comparison of the OSHA Modified Physical and Chemical Analytical Method (P&CAM) 304 and Photometric Aerosol Sampler for O-Chlorobenzylidine Malonitrile - Capt Monica Bradley (MSPH), CF
  • Determining Nanoparticle Inhalation Exposure in the Prosthetics Laboratory at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center -Capt Korami Dembele (MSPH), CF
  • Quantification of Hydrogen Cyanide at Low Temperature CS Dispersal - MAJ Erin Johnson-Kanapathy (MSPH), USA, ESO
  • Evaluation of Levels of Beryllium, Total Chromium and Nickel in the Surface Contaminant Layer Available for Dermal Exposure after Abrasive Blasting in a Shipyard - MAJ Jason Krantz (MSPH), USA, ESO
  • Development of a Thermal Desorption Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Analysis Method for Airborne Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane - LCDR Nicholas Martin (Ph.D), USN, EHO
  • Determination of Airborne Concentrations of Dichlorvos over a Range of Temperatures when using Commercially Available Pesticide Strips in a Simulated Guard Post - LT Mark Otto (MSPH), USN, EHO
  • Evaluating the Chemical Stability of Drinking Water Samples Collected from Military Forward Deployed Environments based on Holding Time and Storage Temperature - MAJ Theodore Wilson (MSPH), USA, ESO

Research for June 2012 Graduates

  • Health Risk Factors Associated with Acute Respiratory Illness Among U.S. Army Recruits Attending Basic Combat Training -CPT Jason B. Baumgartner (MSPH), USA, ESO
  • Use of a Box Model to Estimate the Airborne Concentration of Volatilized DDT in an Experimental Hut in a Tropical Climate -LCDR Carlis Brown (MSPH), USN, IHO
  • An Investigation into the Effects of Temperature & Storage Time on Military Packaged Water in Afghanistan -The Liberation and Migration of Potential Contaminants from Expeditionary Water Packaging System Polyethylene Terephthalate Water Bottles - CPT(P) Michael R. Greifenstein (MSPH), USA, ESO
  • Needle Trap Sampling with Gas Chromatograpby Analysis to Determine Sbort Term Exposure Limit and Ceiling Concentrations for Selected Organic Vapors - CPT Simon J. Strating (MSPH), USA, ESO
  • Linear Regression Modeling of Selected Anaytes from the Balad Air Sampling Program - MAJ Hidelhardo F. Viado, Jr. (MSPH), USA, ESO

Research for June 2011 - No Graduates

Research for June 2010 Graduates

  • A Comparison of Gravimetric and Photometric Aerosol Samplers - Capt Donald W. McInnes (MSPH), CF, BSO
  • Interface High Surface Area Solid Phase Microextraction with GC/MS - LCDR Michael E. Stevens, Jr. (Ph.D.), USN, IHO
  • An Analysis of U.S. Army Health Hazard Assessments During the Acquisition of Military Materiel - MAJ April R. Verlo (MSPH), USA, ESO

Research for June 2009 - No Graduates

Research for June 2008 Graduates

  • Long Term Neutron Fade Study of The DT-702 TLD - LT Jeff Delzer (MSPH), USN, MSC
  • Development of Dose Response Curves to Predict Radiation Dose to Victims of Radiological Accidents / Incidents using Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Technology - MAJ Ricardo Reyes (PhD), USA, MSC

Research for June 2007 Graduates

  • Raman Spectroscopy - Characterization of a Field-Portable Raman System for Rapid Chemical Identification - Capt Joe Catyb (MSPH), USAF, BSC
  • Enhanced Gas Chromatograph Ion Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS) - combining GC and IMS for non- rapid security screening of explosives and warfare agents - CDR Greg Cook, (PhD), USN, IHO
  • Scent Transfer Unit (STU-100) - optimize field portable sample system for Human Odor Compounds - Capt Kendra Fletcher (MSPH), USAF, BSC
  • Six Month Fade Evaluation of the DT-702 - characterization of next generation USN TLDs - LT Robert Hawley (MSPH), USN, MSC
  • Human Eye Pupilometry Related to Laser Injury Prevention - pupil size in outdoor environments - Stephanie King (MSPH), USAF, BSC
  • Derivation of Soil Screening Guidelines for Gross Alpha/Beta Radioactivity for United States Air Force Deployment Sites - using Env rad surveys for Rapid Analysis - Lt Brian Livingston (MSPH), USAF, BSC
  • Public Health Implications of the 1540 nm Laser - characterization laser effects with respect to ocular damage and healing, treatment regimens, tissue heating, and field-safety parameters - Nicole McPhereson (DrPH), Civilian
  • SKC* Deployable Particulate Sampler / Airmetrics MiniVol Characterization-effectiveness, suitability, and performance testing comparison - MAJ Steven Patterson (MSPH), USA, ESO
  • High Surface Area-Solid Phase Microextraction - influence of Geometry of the sampler for chemical vapor collection - Capt Robbie Wheeler ( MSPH), USAF, BSC

Research for June 2006 Graduates

  • Advanced SPME Polymer for Detecting Nerve Agents - manufactured SPME fibers with advanced Navy polymers to detect nerve agent. Tested efficiency - Capt Steve Boglarski (MSPH), USAF, BEE
  • Low Temperature Dispersal of (CS) Riot Control Agent - identifying breakdown products of CS during military mask confidence training - Capt Joseph Hout (MSPH), USA, ESO
  • Follow on to Hach 4000 Water Detection Characterization -Testing bioavailability of chromate in simulated lung fluid from sanded primer paint particles - Capt Steve Lange (MSPH), USAF, BEE
  • High Surface Area SPME Fiber - Test prototype SPME fiber to detect toxic chemicals and CWA with higher sensitivity that traditional SPME - Capt Scott McDonald (MSPH), USAF, BEE

Research for June 2005 Graduates

  • HazMatID Optimization Research - combined SPME polymer with FTIR detector (HazMatID) to identify nerve agent precursors - Capt Chet Bryant (MSPH), USAF, BEE
  • Corneal Injury to Ex-vivo Eyes Exposed to a 3.8 Micron Laser- Analysis of corneal laser damage in resus monkey/porcine samples; review of laser safety protocols - Lt James Fyffe (MSPH), USAF, HP
  • In Vitro Partial-Body Dose Assessment Using a Radiation Responsive Protein Biomarker - Tested biodosimetric markers for use in field-deployable dosimetric system - Lt Jason Leidel (MSPH), USAF, HP
  • SPME Enhancement with HAPSITE - combined portable Hapsite GC/MS with SPME-optimized performance using six industrial chemicals - Capt Waikwong Kan (MSPH), USAF, BEE
  • Enhanced GC/MS for CWA detection - evaluate GC separation using low thermal mass GC column for separation of CWA and narcotics - LCDR Dave Koch, (MSPH), USN, IHO
  • Bioavailability Of Chromate From Military Primer Paints -Testing bioavailability of chromate in simulated lung fluid from aviation primer paint particles - Capt Mike Moran (MSPH), USAF, BEE
  • Water detection with DR-4000 - Determine detection limits of portable Hach 4000 UV/Vis to see if field instrument can detect to EPA MCLs for long-term deployments - Capt Scott Newkirk (MSPH), USA, ESO
  • Comparision of CareGraph (TM) and Gafchromic(R) Dosimetry Film in Dose Measurements - Investigated dose accuracy for fluoroscopic x-ray procedures - LT Muhammad Ozeroglu (MSPH), USN, MSC
  • GC/MS detection of CWA precursors with SPME - CWA precursor detection by SPME with detection on GC-MS. Developed methods to detect HCN in water and VX precursor in soil. Integrated flash GC column to Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer - LT Douglas Parrish, (PhD), USN, IHO
  • HAPSITE Calibration Repeatability - Tested 50 portable HAPSITEs GC/MS with 34 different chemicals at 50 and 200 ppb for repeatability - Capt Mike Skinner (MSPH), USAF, BEE

Research for June 2004 Graduates

  • The Delphi Technique Used in Laser Incident Surveillance - Analysis of laser safety programs and design of laser incident reporting form to address needs of field personnel - Capt Krystyn Clark (MSPH), USAF, HP
  • Pesticides in Drinking Water - Quantification of Pesticides in Environmental Waters with SPME and Field-Portable GC/MS -Capt Michael Nack (MSPH), USA, ESO
  • Comparison of Experimental Models for Predicting Laser-Tissue Interaction from 3.8 micron Lasers - Laser damage analysis in porcine/monkey/rabbit cornea models - Lt Piper Williams (MSPH), USAF, HP

Research for June 2003 Graduates

  • Applications with SPME with Field Portable GC/MS - analyzed VX precursors and other CWA, constituents in painting operations - CDR Gary Hook (PhD), USN, IHO
  • The Military Deployment Human Exposure Assessment Study - Blood and Urine Biomarkers as Surveillance Tools for Assessing Military Exposure to Chemicals - Maj Lisa May (DrPH), USAF(R), BEE
  • Digital Mammography Using Copper-doped Lithium Fluoride TLDs - Characterization of new USN TLDs for use in digital mammography for determination of glandular patient dose - LT John Tomon (MSPH), USN, RHO

Research for June 2002 Graduates

  • SPME in Detection of Escherichia coli - Application of Headspace SPME and GC/MS for detection of Escherichia coli in Water - CPT Tara Hall (MSPH), USA, ESO
  • SPME in Detection of Sulfur Mustard - Application of Headspace SPME and GC/MS for Rapid Detection of the Chemical Warfare Agent Sulfur. Mustard - MAJ Greg Kimm (MSPH), USA, ESO

Research for June 2001 Graduates

  • Identification of CS Derived Compounds Formed During Heat Dispersion of CS Riot Control Agent and the Temperature Ranges Associated with their Formation- Identification of CS degradation products from CS Riot Control Agent and the Temperature - CPT Timothy Kluckinsky (DrPH), USA, ESO

Research for June 2000 Graduates

  • Estimating Disease in Forward Locations - Selected disease and Non-Battle Injury of U.S. Soldiers in an Operational Setting from Echelon III hospitalizations - CPT Dennis Kilian (MSPH), USA, ESO
  • Description of Fundulus Heteroclitus Ventilatory data and Water Quality Parameters: A Feasibility Study Predicting Toxic Pfiesteria Piscicida and P. Piscicida- Like Events in Estuarine Environments - CPT Timothy Kluchinsky (MSPH), USA, ESO

Current student projects:

  • Military Packaged Water Study
  • DDT Determination in Air by Thermal Desorption Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
  • Modular Quantitative Air Sampler for Field Analysis using Person-Portable Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry
  • Student research is based on identified operational needs

Potential Future Research Projects:

  • Hearing conservation
  • G-tolerance dynamic training study
  • Dynamic ejection seat training study
  • Stress and fatigue issues
  • Mishap reduction tools
  • Unmanned vehicles/robotics human factors considerations
  • Operation Tomodachi: A Risk Communication and Perception Study:
    A cross-sectional study examining the effectiveness of the risk communication after the earthquake, tsunami and radioactive release from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.
  • Pilot Study 1 - Wind Turbines and Health Study:
    A cross-sectional study examining the possible physiological health effects and risks associated with exposure to low-frequency sound and infrasound generated from wind turbines.