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Registrar Office: Room A1041


Gail S. Hewitt-Clarke, MS

Assistant Vice President for Academic Records/University Registrar


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Ms. Diana Romero

Registration Specialist, SOM

(301) 295-2802


Ms. Sommer Royal

Registration Specialist, PDC

(301) 295-9125


Ms. Kenyetta Hayes

Registration Specialist, GEO

(301) 295-3199


Ms. Xochilth Torres

Registration Specialist, GSN & PDC

(301) 295-3448


 All requests must include full name, date of birth, appoximate graduation year, and program.

Fax Number: (301) 295-3545

Registrar Policy Guidelines


The following guidelines are established in order to facilitate your travel requirements thereby allowing you to gain the most beneficial experience from your rotations. This document addresses important areas such as Executive Summary and Philosophy, Itinerary and Orders, Leave and Pass/Liberty in Conjunction with Travel, Quarters (BOQ/Contracted), Clerkship Sites (specific requirements and Points of Contact), Government Travel Charge Card, Modes of Travel/Distance of Travel (Authorized), Government-owned or Government-leased Vehicles, and Miscellaneous Do's and Don'ts.

Policy Changes

The contents of this document should not be construed by students officers as irrevocable policies. Student officers must recognize that changes in the law or service policies may effect their entitlements and obligations.

For further information, the Point of Contact at USUHS can be reached at or by telephone or FAX.

Mexico Travel Restriction Policy

As a reminder, all military personnel assigned to AETC are prohibited from traveling to or thru any portion of Mexico located within 50 statute miles of the US-Mexico border, to include the communities of: Tijuana, Nogales, Cuidad Juarez, Nuevo Laredo, Acuna, Piedras Negras, Reynosa, Matamoras, Las Palomas, Agua Prieta, Sasabe, Naco, and Sonoyta. Additionally, personnel are prohibited from traveling anywhere in the state of Chihuahua. This includes permanent party personnel at AETC installations, students attending training on AETC installations, recruiters, and personnel assigned to AETC at geographically separate locations/units. POC is SMSgt Bland at 292-2336.

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