Post Graduation Tips

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Post Graduation Tips

Senior Schedule. During Out Processing, you will verify your senior elective schedule. This takes you a few extra minutes now, but saves immeasurable time and headache for the Registrar's Office and you in the future. Final class standings and cumulative GPAs cannot be determined without all grades; and OERs cannot be completed without final class standings and cumulative GPAs. The Registrar's Office cannot request evaluations from USUHS departments unless we know which clerkship evaluations to ask for. We can only ensure your schedule is accurate if you tell us it is. This is for your benefit, as it ensures an accurate record of your fourth-year curriculum for the future... verification of training; accuracy of transcripts; licensure requirements; etc.

Transcripts, Letters of Recommendation, GME-2, Licensure Applications, etc. You will be applying for GME-2 training, fellowships, state licensure, etc., sometime in the future. Part of that application process most likely will include an official copy of your transcript, letters of recommendation, graduation certification, licensure application form, etc. There is no charge by USUHS for any of these services. To have any of these services accomplished, you must make that request to the Registrar's Office IN WRITING AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. We cannot stress it strongly enough to you to make your requests as far in advance as possible. With the growing number of grads we are no longer able to provide "while-you-wait" service. However, you can visit our service pages to request information. DO NOT CALL with your request; we cannot forward any information without a written request from you. Be very specific as to the nature of the information you wish forwarded, such as official transcript, graduation certification, etc. Included in your written request should be:

  • Your full name (has your name changed?);
  • Your parent service (has your service changed?);
  • Your graduation year;
  • Information or service requested;
  • A full name and address of the receiving institution--we will mail the requested information directly to them;
  • An address, day time telephone number, or e-mail address where you can be contacted in case we need further information from you; and
  • Your signature and the date.

Transcripts are not automatically forwarded to GME-1 training sites, as not all sites require them. Please refer to the instructions you will receive from your GME-1 training site. If your specific training site requires a final transcript or other certifying documents, you are responsible to make that request to the Registrar's Office in writing.

Diploma. You will receive your permanent diploma at graduation. Please safeguard it. You will find that at some point in future years you will need a certified copy of your diploma. NOW is the time to start thinking about that, before you have it framed, laminated, or what have you. We suggest you make three to five Xerox copies of your diploma, and store them in a secure place, such as a safe-deposit box. Please safeguard these copies as if they were the original!! DO NOT send/bring them to the Registrar's Office, as we cannot store them (space limitations). When you apply for licensure or credentialing a year or so from now, most states and/or institutions require the USUHS seal on a copy of your diploma. As needed at licensure/credentialing time, send the Registrar's Office a copy of your diploma. We will affix the USUHS seal to the copy and send it to the state or institution.

If your original diploma is damaged or lost, or you change your name and want your diploma reissued in your new name, contact the Registrar's Office in writing for further instructions.

Name and Service Changes. A number of marriages occur at graduation, with a resulting change in name and/or service. Please notify us if you fall into one of these categories--before you depart USUHS. Also, if your service or name changes in the future, please be sure to notify us of such changes when you correspond with us.

Deferment Forms. Many of you still have undergraduate loans that you may wish to continue deferring during internship and residency. The Military Personnel Office, Medical Education Office, Administrative Officer, or Executive Officer at your GME-1 location can assist you in completing deferment forms. We suggest you take care of this matter upon arrival at your new duty station.