2014 Annual Report

Center for Rehabilitation Sciences Research

Fostering innovations that help combat-injured service members return to duty and reintegrate into their communities is the mission of the Center for Rehabilitation Sciences Research (CRSR). The center is advancing rehabilitative care for service members with combatrelated injuries, particularly those with orthopaedic trauma, limb loss and neurological complications.

The center has four primary focus areas, led by physicians and scientists with renowned expertise and varied backgrounds. These functions explore innovative treatment and technology such as barriers to successful reintegration, improvements to pain management strategies, applications of new technologies and the transfer of those technologies.

In order to provide comprehensive treatment strategies for service members, the center engages in personal interactions through ethnographic interviewing and utilizes the latest advances in technology, such as the computer-assisted rehabilitation environment system, to further understand physiology, gait and kinematics.

In 2014, the center teamed with the Alfred Mann Foundation to study a minimally invasive, multichannel control system for prosthetics. The implantable system places small sensors into residual muscles of an amputated limb and enables signals to be sent from the brain to the remaining portions of the amputated muscles to control the prosthesis. The system allows subjects to operate three different prosthetic movements simultaneously— opening and closing the hand, rotating the wrist, and moving the thumb.