Congratulations! You've received funding for your research study. You may be asking, "What do I do now?"

Managing your grant can seem like a complicated process. The information in this section can help you determine what comes next in the life of your grant and help you stay on top of deadlines and requirements.

If you have any questions during the management of your grant, contact us through your grantee organization for guidance.


Step 1: Sign Grant Agreement

Sign and return the grant agreement and any other forms as soon as possible to confirm your funding.

Step 2: Submit IRB/IACUC Approvals

Submit approval of your research proposal from your institutional review board (IRB) and/or institutional animal care and use committee (IACUC) for secondary review by the IRB at the Uniformed Services University (USU). You cannot spend grant money until these forms have been submitted and approved and you have received a start letter.

A checklist for required forms is available in the Forms section.

If you have difficulty receiving IRB/IACUC approval or have funding problems, contact TSNRP through your grantee organization.

Step 3: Attend Post-Award Grant Management Workshop

Attendance at the post-award Grant Management Workshop is mandatory for all grantees. TSNRP will support the attendance of up to two researchers per award (e.g., principal investigator and project director).

Step 4: Receive Start Letter

When the USU IRB approves your study, TSNRP will send you a start letter, at which time you may begin your research study.

Step 5: Submit Interim Progress Report

Submit an Interim Progress Report six months after your award start date as noted in your grant agreement. TSNRP provides a template for this report.

Some information requested may not be available after only six months, but you should provide detailed information on the progress and efforts you have made so far.

For more information, visit the Reporting section.

Step 6: Secure Prior Approval for Changes

You must receive prior approval from TSNRP for significant changes to your research study. Please review the Compliance section for specific changes that require prior approval.

Step 7: Submit Annual Progress Report

Submit an Annual Progress Report for your study each year on the anniversary date of your award as noted in your grant agreement. TSNRP provides a template for this report.

For more information, visit the Reporting section.

Step 8: Submit Annual IRB/IACUC Continuation

Submit approval of continuation for your research study from your IRB and/or IACUC each year. Keep your human subjects protection training up to date and submit a new certificate if your training has expired.

Step 9: Complete Research

You must complete your research within the timeline established for your grant. If you need more time, you can apply for a no-cost extension. See the FAQsection for more information.

Step 10: Determine Equipment Disposition

When your study is complete, you can dispose of the equipment purchased with award funds in several different ways. Visit the Compliance section for details.

Step 11: Complete Financial Closeout

Complete and submit financial closeout forms to finalize the end of your grant.

Step 12: Submit Final Report

Submit a Final Report at the end of your study, including a scientific discussion of your study and its findings. TSNRP provides a template and guidelines for this report.

Your Final Report will be publicly available from the National Technical Information Service. For more information, visit the Reporting section.

Step 13: Disseminate Research Findings

Disseminating the results of your research is crucial to advancing the field of military nursing research. For more information on research dissemination, visit the Compliance section.


“The guidance, support, and funding provided by TSNRP, beginning with feedback on the letter of intent and continuing throughout the project, have been instrumental in my ability to approach bone health in our young soldiers from a perspective that is unique and relevant only in a military context. The administrative and clinical experts on the TSNRP team are committed to developing high-caliber nurse scientists and promoting high quality research within the military community.”