Listening to Voices of Women in a Family Advocacy Program


Name: Toby Turner


Organization: Henry M. Jackson Foundation

Performance Site: US Army Family Advocacy Center, Fort Leavenworth, KS

Year Published: 1997

Abstract Status: Initial


Interpersonal violence is a social, public health, criminal justice, and public health problem of epidemic proportions in the United States. Perhaps most compelling and least understood of all violence are abusive relationships within the family system. Occurring most frequently as male to female violence, family violence leaves women who are abused and children who have observed it to suffer lasting physical and mental trauma, depression, and disruption of their lives. Statistically, of all reported violence within the family, 90% is directed against women by their male partners. This study in qualitative inquiry informed by critical social and feminist theories, and guided by methods from grounded theory analysis will explore the lived experiences with violence of selected program participants at the Fort Leavenworth Army Family Advocacy Center. The primary aim of the study is to provide a narrative in the words of those who have experienced it in order to explore meanings they construct and how they develop agency, mitigate the violence and survive in long-term relationships. Prior studies have focused on women who have left; yet, case reports confirm that many women remain. Through personal narratives, abused women will give voice to their contextualized experiences. Focused interviews will enable research to inform policy, practice and future prevention and intervention programs.