Research of Practice in the Military Health Care System


Name: Patricia Kelley


Organization: Geneva Foundation

Performance Site: 13th Evacuation Hospital, Madison, WI; 171st US Air Force Clinic, Coraoplis, PA

Year Published: 2002

Abstract Status: Initial


This multi-phase performance improvement project and research study is designed to intensively train a core group of nurses from the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC), Bethesda and Walter Reed Army Medical Center to develop and implement evidence-based clinical nursing guidelines. Three specific evidence-based guidelines will be developed at NNMC, Bethesda: 1) self report pain management in an Acute, Adult, Inpatient, population; 2) central line management; and 3) thermo-regulation of neonates utilizing tactile stimulation. Inherent in this process will be the collection of specific performance improvements metrics to evaluate outcomes both pre- and post-implementation; such as, nursing documentation of patient procedures and nursing knowledge of each of the specific procedures. In addition to the performance improvement portion of this project, data will be collected and analyzed from nursing personnel with regard to use of research in practice, perceived work environment and perceived personal innovativeness both before and after guideline implementation.