Research Fellowship - Instrument Development and Psychometric Training


Name: Theresa Dremsa

Rank: Lt. Col, USAF

Organization: The Geneva Foundation

Performance Site: Ohio State University

Year Published: 2003

Abstract Status: Final


The purpose of this Postdoctoral Fellowship at Ohio State University was to provide an opportunity for a "hands-on" research experience with the entire instrument development process. This involved one-on-one mentoring to:

  1. Enhance understanding of measurement theories and the instrument development process.
  2. Enhance understanding of the structural equation modeling method of analysis for future theory testing and construct validity testing of the CCATT instrument.
  3. Participate in Dr. Ryan-Wenger's current instrument-development study.
  4. Evaluate the content validity of instrument items obtained from the CCATT Nurses Deployed Experience study.
  5. Evaluate the options and select an appropriate scaling method for items and summary score method for the CCATT instrument.
  6. Design and implement a pilot study to evaluate the internal consistency and item response adequacy of the CCATT instrument.
  7. Design a study to evaluate the reliability and validity of the CCATT instrument.