Extramural Post-award Administration

Extramural Post-award Administration

Extramural Post-award administration responsibilities are often shared between the REA Extramural Research Program (ERP) and the non-profit organization that receives the award on behalf of USU and the Principal Investigator (PI). Upon receipt of award letters, the PI should work with the ERP Grants Specialist and their departments sponsored projects administrator to submit scientific progress reports and financial expenditure reports according to the terms and conditions required by the sponsor.

Post-award actions include:

  • Just In Time
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Change in PI 
  • Change in Key Personnel
  • Change in Effort
  • Revised Proposal Budgets
  • Revised Scope of Work
  • Reprogram/ Rebudget
  • No-Cost Extension 
  • Foreign Travel 
  • Progress Reporting 
  • Project Close-out



Post-award Frequently Asked Questions

I need a no-cost extension; what do I need do?  

Submit a memorandum to the Chief Grants Officer, Office of Sponsored Programs justifying the need for the extension and the amount of time needed to complete the research.  Also submit a progress report if one is due at the time of the request.  If required, the ERP Grants Specialist assigned to your department will make the necessary inquiries to the Sponsor.  If the grant was funded with a DoD Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) or similar type agreement, an amended MIPR or agreement must be received before an extension can be processed. 

I need to move funds from one budget line to another; what do I need to do?  

For projects administered by USU, submit a signed USUHS Form 3212, Reprogramming Request, to ERP.  If your project is administered by a non profit organization, a Purchase Order is required. Please work with your sponsored projects administrator. 

I need to change the PI on my grant; what do I do?  

If your grant is administered by USU, submit a request, signed by the Department Chair and the acquiring investigator and you, to the Research Officer of the Extramural Research Program with the reason for the change and the CV for the new PI.  The ERP Grants Specialist will facilitate any required prior approvals.  Other documents may be required if the new PI is not a billeted faculty member.  

What is the timeframe to have paperwork processed?  

Most actions can be completed within three to five days depending upon the complexity of the action and whether prior approval from the sponsor is required. 

Are IRB or IACUC approvals needed for off-site projects?  

Yes. The USU IRB will perform a second-level review for the projects.  The USU IACUC does not perform reviews on off-site projects or off-site animal studies, but ERP must ensure that approvals have been granted.  

What do I do when my research is completed?

Submit a final report either on the USU form 3210, Progress Reports, or whatever format required by the Sponsor.  If financial status reports are required, the Grants Management Specialist for your department will request it from the Financial Management Group.