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USU INTRAMURAL COVID-19 Research Funding Opportunities

There are no internal (USU Intramural) funding opportunities.

USU provides intramural awards to its faculty and students from the DoD appropriation via the Intramural Research Program (IRP). Similar to extramural awards, projects funded from the DoD appropriation are time-sensitive. Consequently, applicants must complete their projects within the time-frame designated in the announcement or award letter. The period of performance can be one or several years. The USU IRP offers several awards listed below. 


VPR Funding Mechanism

USU Intramural Funding Mechanism

Bridge Award

TTW Information

VP-20-005 2020 Transforming Technology for the Warfighter (TTW) Full Proposal Instructions

VP-20-005 Appendix 2 TTW Application Instructions

VP-20-005 TTW FAQ

Early Career Development Award

Health Services Research Program LOI Call

Early Career Scientist Award

 HSRP Full Proposal Instructions  | HSRP FAQ

Equipment Award

AFRRI Intellectual Property Development Award

High Priority Award 

Pain Research and Management Award

Immediate Response Award

CNRM Research Award

Military Women’s Health Award


New Faculty Hiring Package


Program Project Grant Award


Student Training Award

Student and Postdoctoral Travel Award 


Eligibility: Junior and tenured USU faculty that are categorized as billeted, non-billeted military personnel, and those that received a PI Eligibility Waiver are eligible to apply for intramural awards. (See PI Eligibility Policy for more information)

How to apply: Eligible faculty members can apply for intramural awards in response to a funding opportunity announcement (FOA). It is suggested that applicants adhere to the instructions written in the FOA that describe how to apply. If a faculty member would like to request funding that is not associated with a FOA, the applicant can submit their application electronically to and request scientific review for funding. Applications that are not submitted in response to a FOA will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. Faculty members should work with their department’s IRP Grants Specialist and SPA when building their applications. When submitting an application the subject line should include the following information, if applicable:

  • Faculty member’s name 
  • Name of the announcement (if responding to an announcement) or "Request for funding"
  • Fiscal Year                                              

For more information regarding intramural research funding opportunities, please contact Mrs. Sharon McIver at

For assistance with completing requests such as submitting an intramural research proposal for review, submitting an intramural research proposal for submission by an OSP Grants Specialist, or obtaining a PI Eligibility Waiver, please use the following form, USU Project Intake Form.