Research- Intramural Post-award Administration

Intramural Post-award Administration

Post-award responsibilities: 

Upon receipt of award letters, the Principal Investigator (PI) should work with the Intramural Research Program (IRP) Grants Specialist, IRP Manager, and their departments sponsored projects administrator to provide updated and final 3208s, budgets, and budget justifications. All intramural awards will be monitored for scientific progress and financial spending during the period of performance. 

Scientific monitoring:

  • Each intramural award is required to submit a 3210B Progress Report form (See Program Forms). Awards that have a period of performance for one year are required to submit a progress report at the end of the period of performance. Awards that have a period of performance for more than 1 year are required to submit semi-annual progress reports.
  • The PIs will present their scientific progress and financial spending at the annual VPR Intramural Investigators meeting.  

Financial monitoring

  • Spending rates for each intramural award will be monitored periodically. Should the PI need to modify their budget (See Program Forms for an excel template) and budget justification, the budget and budget justification should reflect and discuss any spent and anticipated expenses for the previous and future budget period. 
  • The PI will provide a written request to the IRP if unable to complete the project within the period of performance and/or requires additional funds. 
  • The PI is responsible for notifying the IRP staff in a timely manner when unable to obligate the funds within the approved budget period.
  • If a PI has a multi-year award and 50% or more of the distributed budget is unobligated as of 1.5 months from the end of the current budget period, the unobligated balance will be subtracted from the PI’s grant account. Unobligated is defined as the available balance after subtracting expenses (payouts) and money committed to a purchase (also known as encumbered). 

The PI is encouraged to contact the Assistant Vice President for Research Administration, IRP Director, and/or the IRP Grants Specialist regarding any problems or requests. Note: No-cost extension requests will require a progress report, budget, and budget justification. 

To close out an award, the investigator must submit a 3210B at the end of the period of performance.