Research- Office of Sponsored Programs

Office of Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is responsible for the administration of intramural and extramural applications and awards. OSP has two programs: Intramural Research Program (IRP) and Extramural Research Program (ERP). Within OSP, Grants Specialists are available to assist faculty and students with pre- and post-award requirements. Please contact the OSP Grants Specialist assigned to assist your department.

Meet the Office of Sponsored Programs Team

Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Leodayan Bojanowski, DNP

Acting Chief Grants Officer 


Extramural Research Program (ERP)

LCDR Joseph Kelly, MD, MS

Research Officer


Mrs. Yvette Prince

Sr. Grants Management Administrator


Mrs. Kiesha Drake

Grants Management Specialist


Ms. Ronda Dudley

Grants Management Specialist


Ms. Jeannienne Paschall

Grants Management Specialist


Mrs. Ora Rollins

Grants Management Specialist


Intramural Research Program (IRP)

Argenia Doss, PhD

Program Director


Mrs. Sharon McIver

Acting Senior Grants Management Specialist