Research Repositories, Registries and Research Data Banks (RRD)

Research Repositories, Registries and Research Data Banks (RRD)

Technological Research and Innovation - Biomedical Informatics Systems Unit (TRI-BISU)

Mission Statement:

The Assistant Vice President for Technological Research and Innovation, Biomedical Informatics Systems Unit's (TRI-BISU) mission is to develop data and biological repository capabilities for USU that catalogs research projects and synergizes data resources across USU into an integrated data repository with standardized vocabulary. To provide biomedical informatics support for USU researchers with hands-on precision medicine data analytics to produce meaningfully comparable results across USU studies.

The goals of the TRI-BISU are to:

·       Develop and sustain a data and biological resource to support relevant USU biomedical research.

·       Deploy a user-friendly interface to access study metadata with querying power to reference phenotypes, test and other collected data across multiple studies simultaneously. USU faculty, staff and students

·       Provide a rapidly responding interface that simplifies querying and returning meaningful research biorepository results. 

·       Build a data repository utilizing common medical vocabulary, allowing for query returns of information for formulating new hypotheses from the research information system 

·       Apply biomedical informatics data analytics to identify early perturbations in research data, identifying potential biomarkers for new treatment targets and development of more sensitive diagnostics.

In summary:

The TRI-BISU delivers biomedical informatics support for USU researchers to cross query the research data repository to identify perturbations in research outcomes identifying biomarkers, new ways of treatment, and more sensitive diagnostics with the vision to improve the warfighter and their families’ health.


Research Repositories, Registries and Research Data Banks (RRD)

Adam Davis, PhD


Phone: (301) 295-1350