Transforming Technology for the Warfighter (TTW)

Transforming Technology for the Warfighter (TTW)



The mission of TTW is to advance technology for the warfighter with a dual civilian benefit, enhance and strengthen USU collaborations with the biotech community through translational/applied and clinical research, educate and train USU scientists in entrepreneurship and scientific innovation. 


The TTW program objective is to advance technological research for the warfighters and civilians, fund translational/applied and clinical research aligned with DoD initiatives and warfighter needs, build, strengthen and enhance USU collaborations with the biotech community by funding innovative research projects, educate and train USU scientists in innovation research and entrepreneurship. 


The TTW Program endeavors scientific advancements in the field of traumatic brain injury (TBI), rehabilitation, and wearable devices, and will utilize an award mechanism to advance its goals and objectives.  Research supported through this program favors Advanced Technology Development (TRL3).* Approved technologies will be competitive for Demonstration and Validation (TRL 4)* and Engineering and Manufacturing Development ( TRL 5)* awards.  The premise for this program is to enhance and advance technology for the warfighter such that it aligns with the Secretary of Defense Initiative “Defense Innovation Unit-Experimental (DIUx)”.  DIUx is an East Coast Department of Defense (DoD) effort to strengthen connections to the American innovation capabilities and accelerate technologies into the hands of the warfighter.  USU received an award from Defense Health Agency (DHA) to implement TTW program areas of interest.

*Technology Readiness Assessment (TRA) Guidance, U.S. Department of Defense, April 2011  


  • Rapid Preventives and Diagnostics Tools – Point of Care – tools easy to use, rapid, inexpensive, portable, operator-independent, and reasonably sensitive and specific to detect impairments suggestive of traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  • Delivery devices to deliver pharmaceuticals such as ketamine to reduce pain following an acute event and perhaps reduce the likelihood of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Novel tourniquet for lay people as well as the military (dual benefit) that can be used in undeveloped areas of the globe.
  • Bag valve that prevents hyperventilation in TBI and during resuscitation, a common but often unrecognized problem.
  • Operational Precision Medicine/Biomarkers - Microfluidics to enable measuring biomarkers in real time from bodily fluids.
  • Wearable technologies for the protection of the US armed forces - to enhance warfighter readiness or to monitor therapeutic response.



For inquiries regarding the TTW program- please contact:

Rafaela Nita, PhD

Program Manager

Phone: (301) 295-1118


Bruce Doll, DDS, PhD, MBA

PD – Transforming Technology for the Warfighter (TTW) Program

Phone: (301) 319-0349


Research Repositories, Registries and Research Data Banks (RRD)

Adam Davis, PhD

Clinical Information Systems Director

Phone: (301) 295-1350




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