Contact Information

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
4301 Jones Bridge Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20814-4799
Room: AFRRI Building 42
Security Director
(301) 295-3033
FAX (301) 295-1901

After hours emergencies

Contact the USU Security Guard Force at (301) 295-3038 or 295-3039

USU Campus


Providing a complete security program for the University

All aspects of personnel, physical, information, and industrial security. The services provided by the Security Division include building ID badges, parking (to include special visitors parking, and van/car pool permits), key control, personnel security clearances, lost and found, and overseas travel briefing.

The Security Division monitors the security guard force to ensure maximum protection and safety of all USU personnel and property.

The Security Division also provides protection of classified information and countermeasures against compromise of classified material.

Crime Prevention Tips

Report suspicious behavior and packages to the Security office- Room UP001, (301) 295-3033

  • Lock up your valuables- a majority of personal property theft occurs when people fail to lock up their valuables
  • Secure your laptop computers- laptops are a highly pilferable item, make sure you know where yours is at all times
  • In addition to securing and hiding your valuables, you should mark and record your property, so that if it is lost or stolen, it can be identified by Security Division Personnel as your property and returned to you
  • Don't leave things of value in plain view in your car
  • Don't leave your car running while you are not in the car