Car and Van Pool Parking

After hours emergencies

Contact the USU Security Guard Force at (301) 295-3038 or 295-3039

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Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
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Bethesda, Maryland 20814-4799
Room: AFRRI Building 42
Security Director
(301) 295-3033
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USU Campus

Car & Van Pool Parking

All valid car-pools must consist of two or more members assigned to USU. Priority will be given to car and van pools consisting of three or more members. All car and van pool vehicles will be registered with the USU Security Division. When car and van pool candidates read and sign the Memorandum of Understanding for USU car-pool registration, they will be assigned a car-pool space in the upper parking area. Each car-pool party will be issued one (1) rear view mirror hanger which is required to be displayed by each vehicle parking in the designated car-pool parking space. The rear view mirror hanger is U.S. Government property and must be turned in to the USU Security Division when the car and van pool is disbanded. Car-pool personnel are responsible to notify the USU Security Division if there are any changes to their car-pool status. The USU Security Division will perform periodic inspections to ensure no vehicles are entering the designated car-pool location with single occupancy or without the rear view mirror hanger displayed. All car-pool spaces are open for general parking after 9:00 a.m. USU members who wish to join the car-pool program should stop by the USU Security Office, Building A, Room UP-001.