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Contact the USU Security Guard Force at (301) 295-3038 or 295-3039

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Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
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Room: AFRRI Building 42
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USU Campus

Security: Key Control

USU has established policies and procedures for key and lock control in accordance with DoD Instruction 5100.76. A Key and lock control officer has been designated, who develops and maintains a comprehensive key and lock control program. The key and lock control officer is responsible for:

  • Auditing department key control measures;
  • Controlling /monitoring the issuance of keys;
  • Reconciling key and lock records; ensuring inventories are conducted;
  • Advising the President, USU on all matters relating to program changes;
  • Approving / disapproving key requests;
  • Ensuring proper investigation into loss, theft or damage of keys and locks and providing administrative supervision over the key and lock control program.

This program provides for key control at the department level, with a designated department representative as the key control custodian. The key custodian is responsible for all key requests and signs for requested keys. The custodian then issues the key to the appropriate individual as necessary.When personnel check out, the custodian then retains the key for issuance to other departmental personnel as necessary.

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USU Instruction 5200, Physical Security, outlines procedures to be followed.