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Computer Service Desk

IT Purchase/IT Approvals

Desktop/Laptop Approval Process

USU currently obtains desktop computers from a single vendor via a pre-competed blanket purchase agreement (BPA). Faculty and staff are required to purchase the pre-negotiated standard desktop or laptop computer in order to meet the security, cost and maintenance requirements. (USU Instruction 7900 Addendum T). NOTE: The University provides a standard computer for each billeted faculty, staff and contractor to perform official duties. Requesting an additional computer purchase or an early replacement computer out of the standard life cycle is an exception to USU Instruction 7900 Addendum T. These requests must be submitted to USU Service Desk and approved prior to procurement. The approval process is documented below:

USU Standard Computer Specs

To purchase a USU Standard Desktop or Laptop computer, perform the steps below:

  1. Submit a ServiceNow Request; select Hardware category and Hardware Purchase item
  2. Complete all of the field on the form
  3. After your ServiceNow request has been submitted, you will receive an email with additional instructions. 
  4. Complete the Request to Transfer Expenses From One Cost Center to Another form and submit to Elizabeth Hagerty in FMG.
    • a. Transfer funds to Project Code 802505 for Computer Purchase
  5. After the transfer of funds is confirmed, you will be contacted by the Service Desk to schedule your computer installation.


  • Standard USU desktop or laptop systems MUST follow the IT Purchase process. Standard systems CANNOT be purchased via Government Purchase Card.
  • Non-Standard desktop/laptops can be purchased via Government Purchase Card (GPC) or the University's Financial System. Non-Standard systems will REQUIRE prior approval from USU Configuration Control Board (CCB). If a Non-Standard system is approved, the waiting period may extend beyond 1-month in order to build a special image and perform DoD required security configurations.


Any system on a DoD network (.mil or .edu) must be maintained to specific information assurance (IA)/security standards. USU Instruction 7900 Addendum T implements Information Technology procurement governance procedures in an effort to limit a) escalating cost of redundant USU computer purchases, b) the high cost of maintaining multiple systems, and c) information security requirements.

  • Systems requiring access to the .mil or .edu wired network MUST have full DoD Security Configurations (even if access is required once).
  • Desktops are not allowed on the .edu wireless network.
  • Desktops are allowed on .edu wired networks.

System Configuration and Image


Full DOD Security Configuration/Image Required

Modified DOD Security Configuration / Image Required

DOD Configuration / Image NOT Required

.mil wired




.edu wired




.edu wireless




Networked Desktop



Networked Laptop



Stand-alone Desktop




Any system processing/storing DoD data





  • Systems requiring access to the .mil or .edu wired network MUST have full DoD Security Configurations (even if access is required once).
  • Desktops are not allowed on the .edu wireless network.
  • Desktops are allowed on .edu wired networks.

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