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USU and DOD Policy and Guidance

Accessible Access

Federal regulations require equal access to electronic information and systems for people with disabilities.

Acquisitions, Installation, Maintenance, and Replacement of Desktop Computers

Acquisition Standards for desktop systems are established or reviewed by the AISAC. These systems are generally provided through leasing which enable system standardization, ongoing budgeting, and automated technology reimbursement. When funds permit, additional computers are purchased to supplement the leasing program. Priorities for the provision of standard computer systems are established by the AISAC. Non-standard computer requirements maybe met with activity resources (including external grand and contract funds are appropriate), or referred to the USUHS unfunded equipment review process for consideration.

Installation Installation of standard systems is arranged by the Service Desk utilizing leasing contractors and includes the transfer of working files.Non-standard systems which must be connected to the network require assistance via the Service Desk. Requesting activities are expected to provide resources for funding unplanned network extension costs.

Maintenance On-site maintenance will be purchased with all IT systems. The Service Desk will be responsible for arranging on-site maintenance for the standard systems and other systems under its management, as appropriate.

Replacement Leased systems will be replaced as part of the leasing program on a three-year cycle. Departments are responsible for replacing non-standard systems. Non-standard systems that are too old to be kept compliant with security standards must be removed from the network. University owned systems will be turned into Property Management Office for reassignment or disposal. Reassignment is monitored by the Service Desk and requires e-mail approval from the Vice President for Information Technology.

For additional information refer to USUHS Instruction 7900, paragraph D3(a,b&c).

Authorized Usage

The Information Technology Systems of the University are government-owned and subject to the rules and regulations of the Federal Government and the Department of Defense. Usage is granted to individuals and groups that have an established relationship with the University. Use of these systems for personal communications should be kept to a minimum and not impact an employees work performance. In the event of abuse, all employees use of these systems for personal use maybe entirely withdrawn.

For additional information refer to USUHS Instruction 5202.2

E-mail Usage

All personnel are responsible for communicating and receiving important announcements with this system. Privacy, security, and the rights of others should be considered in its use. The distribution of unnecessary or unofficial messages is strongly discouraged.

For additional information refer to USUHS Instruction 5202.2

Internet Usage

The Internet has become an essential tool by which we communicate. Access is provided for official business and the support of the Universitys mission. Usage is therefore governed by Federal regulations.

For additional information refer to USUHS Instruction 5202.2

IT Property and Equipment

Billeted faculty and staff, who are assigned to the campus, or its official extensions, are provided with telephone access and a standard desktop computer system as resources permit. Special arrangements are made for student access. When other authorized users require access to IT equipment and resources, the sponsoring activity should submit a Service Request to request consideration for funding. Non-standard and special purpose IT equipment and services are authorized according to the business case approval process discussed below. Such equipment and services become the property and responsibility of the requesting activity and must be operated under University guidelines.

For additional information refer to USUHS Instruction 7900 paragraph D2.


The University will Follow Federal IT security guidelines in order to protect its critical information, operating systems, and the Federal systems to which it is connected. As a University in a Federal setting, USUHS must recognize the need for secure, protected systems while at the same time, appreciate the necessity of communicating in an open fashion with future students, fellow scientists, and appropriate portions of the Internet at large. Appropriate passwords and user accounts, firewalls, proxy servers, router tools, traffic scanners, and related security mechanisms will be utilized by the Information Assurance (IA) team and server operators to ensure proper security. The IA team will also take responsibility for training users and system operators in appropriate security procedures.

For additional information refer to USUHS Instruction 5202.2

Servers and Data Storage Systems

It is the intention of the University to centrally provide all server and data storage requirements under the management of the CIO. Therefore, individual computers may not be installed as network or Web servers without approval. In addition, operators of non-centralized servers and systems must be identified by their department chair or activity heads, and meet all Federal and University security operational requirements.

For additional information refer to USUHS Instruction 7900

Software and Operating Systems

It is recognized that non-standard software maybe necessary to meet various missions of the University. To prevent conflict with licensing agreements and operating systems, non-standard software may be considered for use after submitting a Service Request. Such software may not be utilized in place of standard systems for official communications.

System Upgrades

Standard systems may only be upgraded by the vendor and this can be arranged through the Service Desk. However, external devices may be connected and utilized when they do not interfere with the standard operation of the computer or network systems. The Central Processing Unit, or Mother Board, of the University-owned desktop computers may not be upgraded. External memory devices and peripherals should be utilized whenever possible. However, for special purposes, and as necessary to maintain the effective use of a system, University-owned systems may be upgraded by the Technical Services Branch. All upgrades require the approval of the Service Desk to ensure that compatibility is maintained.

Unauthorized Activity

For additional information refer to USUHS Instruction 7900

Use of Peer-to-Peer file sharing applications across DoD

For additional information refer to USUHS Instruction 7900

User Responsibilities

  • Treat information and communications systems and equipment as federally owned and operated resources.
  • Guard passwords and procedures to maintain privacy and security.
  • Follow Federal and University guidelines for the proper use of telephones, web sites, browsers, and other communications systems.
  • Be responsible for making periodic back-up copies of official information maintained on their equipment.
  • Respect the rights of others in relation to the content of the information transported and the quantity of the resources utilized.
  • Request permission and assistance via the Service Desk before moving or making any modification to IT equipment.

For additional information refer to USUHS Instruction 7900.

USU Web Pages Policy and Guidance

Web pages are managed by the USU Webmaster. Pages must contain accurate and relevant content, and must use markup that is technically correct. Page masters may be appointed by the Department Chair or Activity Head, and are expected to follow all applicable Government, DoD and USU guidance.

For additional information refer to Web Guidelines

USU Wireless Network Policy

This government network may be used by students, guests, and members of the USU community. Customers must keep in mind that the wireless network is an unclassified, government network and should not be used to transmit sensitive information.

Customers utilizing personally owned mobile devices are reminded to keep their devices up-to-date with anti-virus definitions and Windows Security Updates.

Customers shall follow security policies that govern the use of this network. The following activities are prohibited:

  • Transmit sensitive information (i.e., personal, HIPPA, etc.)
  • Activities for personal or commercial gain
  • Storing or displaying sexually harassing or obscene language or material
  • Storing or processing classified information
  • Improperly storing or processing copyrighted material
  • Viewing, changing or deleting files of another user without appropriate authorization or permission
  • Attempting to defeat security systems
  • Obtaining, installing, copy or using software in violation of the license agreement of the vendor (Note:This includes unauthorized music and movie downloads)
  • Storing or displaying offensive material, such as racist literature
  • Customers are required to report any information systems security incidents to the Information Systems Security Officer via the Service Desk.