Anesthesiology Interest Group

Anesthesiology Interest Group


Our Function

To act as a resource for students seeking to gain exposure to or expand their interest in anesthesiology. The group is also a venue for those who may not know much about the specialty to develop basic knowledge regarding the function and day to day activities of a military anesthesiologist. Example opportunities include shadowing experiences, procedural skills labs, links to valuable resources for clerkships and residencies, and discussion groups with current anesthesiology residents and staff.


  • Promote education, communication, advocacy, research, and networking among students and physicians
  • Provide early exposure to anesthesiology as a profession for the students of Uniformed Services University
  • Provide the resources and basic information whereby students can confirm and develop their interest in anesthesiology
  • Prepare those interested in pursuing anesthesiology for interviews, internship, and residency

Useful Links

Residency Information