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USU Hockey Team

USU's hockey team may be called the Fighting Docs, but all university students, faculty and staff can join the club. Although all levels of skaters are welcome, the team is competitive. The Fighting Docs play local teams at the Gardens Ice House in Laurel, Maryland.


Students in Courtyard


Award-winning athletes at this university routinely demonstrate their skills on playing fields. From rugby to ultimate Frisbee, team sports are an important part of the USU experience for many students.

Ice Hockey

USU's ice hockey team competes against local groups at the Garden's Icehouse Arena in Laurel, Maryland. The team is comprised of players from many skill levels and is open to USU students in any learning program.
Contact Ensign Derek Grady for more information about the Fighting Docs.


USU's rugby team plays exhibition games against local teams. The team has weekly practice sessions and is open to all university students.
Contact Second Lieutenant William Ingersoll for more information about the Fighting Docs.


USU's soccer team plays weekly pick up games on the softball fields behind the university. They also compete in league games every Saturday at different venues in the community.
Contact Second Lieutenant Sean Findlay for more information about the Fighting Docs.

Runner's Interest Group

Runners at USU take advantage of scenic nature trails and parks close to the university. They run short and long distances through beautiful terrain, in small and large group settings.
Contact Edmund Burke for more information about the Runner's Interest Group.

Ultimate Frisbee

Students at USU regularly meet up and play pickup games of Ultimate Frisbee in the green space behind the university. Students from all programs are encouraged to participate.
Contact Second Lieutenant Kaye Dowdy for more information about Ultimate Frisbee.