Learning Resources

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Learning Resources

The university is focused on finding ways to stimulate academic development. Several on-campus resources are available to USU students - from professional development courses that teach effective writing and public speaking skills to creating quiet spaces for student learning.

Learning Resource Center

The LRC is a popular place to study. Thousands of books, journals and periodicals spanning all disciplines of biomedical science and many other genres fill the LRC's shelves. A technology lab and study spaces also make it a great place to learn.

Alumni Bookstore

Students from every school and program can find the textbooks and course materials they need at the Alumni Bookstore. The store, owned and operated by the Alumni Association, also sells clothing, supplies and other merchandise that may be helpful to students at USU.


Students can access Sakai, a learning management system, to connect with faculty and classmates, share knowledge and resources, collaborate on projects and request help. This state-of-the-art technology enhances teaching, learning and research at the university.

Family Health Center and University Counseling Center

Maintaining a positive learning environment begins with a healthy student body. To that end, USU provides a comprehensive array of patient-focused care at the Family Health Center and the University Counseling Center. Clinicians at both centers share space, thus integrating the once separate fields of mental health and primary care. This collocation also gives uniformed students easy access to a diverse group of health professionals.

Did you know

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Students learn at USU without the stress of obtaining costly student loans.

Here, everyone receives a tuition-free education with significant financial benefits. Most, however, pay this debt back to the nation by incurring service obligations as military and Public Health Service officers.

This commitment is not a burden for most. Students choose USU because, for them, service is a calling.