Supportive Environment

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Students at USU must be able to practice conventional medicine and master military-specific benchmarks like caring for warriors in challenging environments. The ability to perform under pressure is tested during mandatory field training exercises woven into the curriculum.


Supportive Environment

Students in Courtyard

Supportive Environment

Student and child

USU works hard to foster a supportive environment where students flourish both academically and socially.

Clinicians at the Family Health Clinic and Student Counseling Service treat uniformed students and their family members right on campus grounds. These facilities offer a comprehensive array of patient care from annual physicals to pediatric services to group and individual therapy sessions.

Another important way USU supports students is by maintaining an inclusive environment. Spouses and children are a part of the social fabric and workforce. Spouses work in many university departments and help carry out the USU mission in diverse ways.

Many husbands and wives also choose to join the University-sponsored Spouse's Club. The Spouse's Club is a great way to make new friends and serve the community through various outreach projects.

A Child Development Center, located on base about a five-minute walk from the University, is a great resource for students with children. The center offers full-day care at a fraction of the cost of other local facilities for authorized personnel.

Other student benefits, such as academic counselors, study groups and student government organizations help to enrich the USU experience and provide students with the tools and resources needed to succeed.