Emergency Medicine Interest Group

Emergency Medicine Interest Group

This group is dedicated to aiding students as they seek the area of medicine that fits them best. It is meant as a tool for students working to 1) identify areas of interest to them, 2) explore those interests further, and 3) confirm and pursue those interests. Whatever area of medicine students ultimately choose, we hope EMIG and this site will be of use in the process of finding their niche!

Our Function:

To act as a resource for students seeking either to gain early exposure, or to expand their interest in emergency medicine in present and futures classes.


  1. To provide early exposure to emergency medicine as a profession for the students of Uniformed Services University.
  2. To provide the resources and basic information whereby students can confirm and develop their interest in emergency medicine.
  3. To be a lasting organization that will carry this opportunity on to future students.

Contact Information

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
4301 Jones Bridge Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

EMIG Officers

2LT Eric Schott, MSII

Vice President
2LT Kevin Gould, MSII

2LT Courtney Hintz, MSII

Shadowing & Ride-Alongs
2LT John McClellan, MSII

2LT Tim Curlett, MSII

ACLS Course
2LT William Pitts, MSII

Speakers & Labs
2LT Ian Rymer, MSII

Journal Article Review
ENS Austin Yoder, MSII

Faculty Advisor(s)

LCDR James Palma, MD
Maj Glenn Burns, MD