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Student Representatives


Graduate Student Council - 2017-2018

Claire Caherty (President)

Research: Animal modeling of gonorrhoea/chlamydia coinfections in the female upper reproductive tract

Hobbies: Cooking, baking, reading, traveling

Emerging Infectious Diseases

    Britney Hardy


    Research: Poly-microbial interactions between the opportunistic pathogen S. aureus and commensal nasal bacteria. S. aureus gene expression in the context     of invasive infection, such as abscesses 

    Hobbies: Reading, swimming, going to happy hour, petting dogs and cats, and intense discussions about Harry Potter


Molecular & Cellular Biology

Courtney Peterson

Research: The role of Store Operated Ca2+ Entry in Drosophila cardiomyocyte growth. Ca2+ signaling in cardiomyocyte growth or Developmental Biology

Hobbies: Exercise/Fitness, Snowboarding, Hiking, Traveling, Reading, Animal LOVER (including frogs!)

Medical & Clinical Psycology

Lisa Shank

  • The physiological correlates of disinhibited eating behaviors in youth
  • Examining the inflammatory response to stress and loss of control eating in youth

Hobbies: Tennis, traveling, watching movies


Nikki McCormack


Research: Treating spinal muscular atrophy  

Hobbies: Knitting, biking, baking

Physician/ Scientist (MD/PhD)

Zachary Zanatpour, 2LT


Research: Utilizing rodent models to study the role of angiotensinogen cleavage products in preventing traumatically induced neurological damage

Hobbies: Outside of the lab I enjoy hiking with my 150 lb dog (his name is Ruger), getting lost in the mountains on my motorcycle, and eating at as many of the awesome restaurants in Washington DC as possible.

Preventive Medicine

Research: Using Compulsory Relocation to Understand Drivers of Geographic Variation of Healthcare Utilization in the U.S. Military

Hobbies: Coaching pee wee hockey, cooking, fishing, and golfing


2016-2017 Representatives

Riley Sennett (President); Claire Caherty (EID); Kalpana Parvathaneni (MCB); Amanda Gehrke (MCP); Patti Vu (Neuroscience); Patrick Luan (PMB)