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Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
4301 Jones Bridge Road
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Internal Medicine Interest Group

Student Opportunities

Shadow An Internist

Our faculty are eager to have students visit their clinics and procedure suites to see first-hand what internists do! The possibilities are as varied as your interests, but could include

  • Seeing patients on general medicine wards
  • Seeing patients in general medicine and subspecialty clinics
  • Observing a cardiac catheterization
  • Observing a video bronchoscopy
  • Observing gastrointestinal endoscopy

To assist you in setting up an experience to suit your needs and interests, we've arranged one stop shopping points of contacts at our nearest medical facilities. Please provide us with at least three days notice prior to your desired shadowing date/time. We can accomodate morning, afternoon, evening and/or weekend shadowing opportunities. Please contact anyone in the Club Med leadership for assistance.

Shadowing Program Point of Contacts


Our faculty are eager to assist individuals who are interested in internal medicine with career advice. If you are interested in meeting with a mentor in internal medicine, please send a note to Club Med student leadership and/or the Faculty Advisors.

Mentoring program contacts:

Faculty Advisor:

Research Opportunities:

Many of our faculty have ongoing research projects in need of manpower, and/or have ideas for projects to be "fleshed out" and finished by eager students! Opportunities for both clinical and bench research abound, and afford the student many unique and exciting prospects including

  • Opportunity to present poster or podium presentations at national meetings
  • Opportunity to build a network with future collaborators
  • Opportunity to learn new skills and techniques
  • Chance to compete for grants and awards

Participation in research as a student enhances knowledge and skills in a particular area of medical science and can provide a better understanding of how to interpret articles in the literature. Additionally, it can also markedly improve a student's chance for selection to a competitive residency or fellowship (i.e., GME) position after graduation.

We are continually working to find basic science and clinical researchers in the National Capital Area and beyond that are interested in mentoring medical students through a research project. These projects range from research in the lab, to case reports, to clinical and operational research in the field. Projects are available for USU, NNMC, WRAMC, NIH as well as Operational. Please contact 2LT Takor Arrey-Mbi for more information.

Morning Report:

Join us for clinical discussions of real patient presentations to our local hospitals. The format is highly interactive with an emphasis on clinical pearls and imaging techniques.