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Sports Medicine Interest Group

Every Warrior an Athlete

The Sports Medicine Interest Group was created in 2005. The goals of this interest group are:

  1. To educate USUHS students in potential pathways to pursue a career in sports medicine. (Primary Care, Orthopedic, and Rehab Sports Medicine).
  2. To provide opportunites for USUHS students to gain additional knowledge and practice with musculoskeletal exams.
  3. To provide USUHS students the opportunity to assist team physicians with game day and athletic training room experiences.
  4. To provide oppurtunities for USUHS students to gain experience with mass event medical coverage, to include the Marine Corps Marathon and the Army 10-miler.
  5. To instill the concept of the "soldier-athlete" and the importance of treating our military forces as a team and as athletes.

Interested students should contact Anthony Beutler, MD (

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Military Sports Medicine Interest Group

The ACSM Military Sports Medicine Interest Group is an informal network of professionals and students who have expertise and/or interest in Sports Medicine and its application to the Warrior Athlete. Examples include medical students, residents, health care providers, physiologists, athletic trainers, warrior athletes, epidemiologists, researchers, etc. Members are encouraged to collaborate in order to solve clinical problems and encourage scholarly activities such as education, medical writing, and research.

Membership in the ACSM is encouraged.

Relevant Links

Armed Forces Sports This is an organization that organizes training camps and competitions between military athletes in Olympics sports. The goal is to allow high-level military athletes to compete on the national and world stage and ultimately win a world title or Olympic medal.

The Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM) is the international federation that organizes competitions in Olympic sports between military athletes worldwide. US Armed Forces Sports athletes who win the All-Armed Forces competition in their respective sports get to compete in CISM military world championships held each year in various places around the world.

The 5th Military World Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil July 2011 will be one of the largest athletic events in the world and will feature military athletes competing in Olympic and military-unique sports. World Games only occur every 4 years, similar to the Olympics. The 4th Military World Games in Hyderabad, India in 2007 hosted about 5,200 athletes from 105 countries.

The Consortium for Health and Military Performance is a USU and joint service effort that focuses on the health and performance of the Warfighter. It serves as a joint medical resource for the Department of Defense for education, basic and clinical research, and clinical expertise in the area of military unique human performance optimization.

The Human Performance Resource Center is an offshoot of CHAMP that serves as a one-stop shop for actionable information related to the maintenance, optimization, and enhancement of human performance, in training and on the battlefield.

The US Paralympic Military Program's Warrior Games took place in May 2010 at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center. It featured about 200 Warrior Athletes with limb or spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or PTSD competing in several Paralympic sports. See website for pictures and details. This is planned to be an annual event.

The U.S. Army Research Institue for Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) is an internationally recognized center of excellence for Warfighter performance science and its useful applications. The institute functions as a world-class laboratory for environmental medicine, physiology, performance and nutrition research. It features integrated cellular, tissue, & human research programs.

Sports Medicine Presentations

PowerPoint files on multiple Sports Medicine topics. You may use these in your educational activities, but please give acknowledgment to those who created them.