Student Spouses Club

USU Student Spouses Club

Welcome to all spouses, fiancées, and significant others of any active duty officer students at the Uniformed Services University. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of military life or are brand new to the uniformed services, you may be wondering what USU has in store for you, the other half of the medical student. Your years at USU will be filled with excitement and new challenges. To help you adjust and enjoy your time at USU, the Student Spouses Club (SSC) is here to provide support, friendship, and advice as you make the transitions from year to year.

The SSC is open to both male and female spouses, fiancées, significant others and family members of USU students. Its membership currently consists of men and women who work both inside and outside the home, each bringing with them unique experiences and backgrounds that enrich the character of the club.

The SSC sponsors a variety of activities throughout the year organized by our many committees. Please click on the links to the left to learn more.

Please visit our new Student Spouses Club Website for the most up-to-date information about our club.  

SSC Mission

The Student Spouses Club (SSC) is an organization for the spouses and significant others of the students at the Uniformed Services University. The goal of the Student Spouses Club is to provide support, friendship, and community for student families through a variety of social and service activities throughout the year.

The SSC is a private, non-profit organization.


The SSC was founded in 1980 with a handful of members who felt the need to provide support for one another. Organization was minimal, and the main events were a "Get Acquainted Brunch" and the annual Holiday Party. Since then, the SSC has grown considerably. It has a board of officers, monthly meetings, planned activities, and various annual events. The club has many dedicated members and has become an integral part of life at USU.