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  • MSIII and MSIV Student Travel Overview: provides a student travel overview for the MSIII and MSIV years
  • Travel Pitfalls to Avoid: tips for success with student travel
  • For ANY Overseas travel: Any student traveling overseas will require approval from the Administrative Support Division (ASD) and Commandant's Office. All annual training and Service Specific requirements must be up to date prior to leave approval. Requests must be submitted at least 70 days in advance. For overseas clerkships, TDY, and Permissive TDY, coordination is required with the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and approval is required from both ASD, the Office of Affiiliations and International Affairs (OAI) at USU. ASD and OAI will ensure all overseas clearance requirements and agreements with your desired clerkship site are accomplished, respectively, prior to travel departure. Both DD Form 1610 and the Overseas Travel Clearance Request form are required to begin the process.

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