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Assistant Professor

The rank of Assistant Professor is generally the initial appointment appropriate for qualified individuals, with a Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent degree.

Faculty members seeking appointment at this rank must demonstrate the clear potential for achievement and the capacity for productivity in three of the four areas of scholarship.

Scholarly achievement and the capacity for continued professional growth are the important criteria for the renewal of appointment and promotion. Innovation, originality, creativity and peer recognition of achievement are the key elements considered in the evaluation process.

  • Achievement in Discovery and/or Integration requires demonstration by the faculty member of the ability to successfully conceive, execute, and report on research, and to develop a personal research productivity plan or program approved by the Department.
  • Achievement in Teaching requires that the individual have the skills for the effective transfer of knowledge and to lead students to think critically and purposefully. Faculty must provide evidence of having achieved teaching skill for renewal of appointment at this rank and consideration for promotion.
  • Achievement in Application will be primarily demonstrated by professional and clinical service as appropriate. Members must have appropriate degrees and training and must be privileged in affiliated hospitals. An Assistant Professor with clinical responsibilities must be eligible for board certification in his or her primary specialty and, when appropriate, will seek advanced certification or other special qualifications.
  • Institutional citizenship is evaluated by active participation on department or institutional committees.

Prefixed titles are available for Assistant Professor appointments, please read additional details on the Professional Prefix and Faculty Pathway page.

To begin the process of obtaining an Assistant Professor appointment please go to to get a Sakai account. Then follow the instructions at to submit your application. Dr. Gary Wind is your POC.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the Faculty Coordinator.

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