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The rank of professor may be an initial appointment appropriate for qualified individuals, with a Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent degree. Appointment or promotion to the rank of professor is the highest academic recognition of the School of Medicine and is reserved for those members of the faculty who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the full spectrum of scholarship. It is not based solely on length of service or time in rank. Professors exceed all applicable criteria outlined for the rank of Associate Professor and have considerable time and experience in rank, additional publications, and evidence of substantial scholarly activity, institutional citizenship and professional recognition.

The candidate for Professor will be judged, in large measure on the basis of the dissemination of his/her work through a close evaluation of their professional writings and other forms of professional communication. This evaluation will consider quality and quantity, with close scrutiny as to level of contribution, as well as evidence of "community" impact based on appropriate peer evaluation.

Below are the criteria that needs to be met to be eligible for the rank of professor.

  • Scholarship of Discovery and/or Integration - The candidate must demonstrate conclusive evidence of continuing, productive and independent research achievement or leadership in collaborative research activities, and/or integration of knowledge. Although most candidates will have produced more, a minimum of fifteen career peer-reviewed publications or their equivalent based primarily on the contributions of the candidate is typical for this rank, but the CAPT will consider the impact of each publication. The level of achievements and potential should be commensurate with a significant academic career experience. The research performance of a candidate for Professor must serve as a standard of excellence for colleagues.
  • Scholarship of Teaching - The teaching performance of a candidate for professor must serve as a standard of excellence for colleagues. Professors are expected to be accomplished teachers who have actively shared their learned skills in the art of medical and graduate education with less experienced faculty.
  • Scholarship of Application - The candidate for the academic rank of professor must demonstrate excellence as a role model for peers and students through professional service. Professional service demonstrated by outstanding peer recognition includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • selection to serve in a major academic administrative role at USUHS (or other academic institution) or one of its affiliated teaching or research facilities
    • leadership and continued service on the study sections of federal granting, scientific, or health care review agencies
    • holding office or selective committee membership in national/international, military or public health scientific or health care organizations; service on editorial boards of scientific or scholarly clinical journals
    • leadership in the operation, development, or improvement of the DoD, Veterans Administration (VA), or HHS health care systems
    • serving as the consultant or advisor to a Surgeon General
    • a leadership role in a federal agency with responsibilities relevant to health, or special recognition awards by national organizations for distinguished achievement in clinical medicine, biomedical science, public health or health policy
  • Institutional Citizenship - This rank requires evidence of leadership in policymaking and other committees of the candidate's Department, School of Medicine, health care or research facility, uniformed service, USUHS or other academic institution.

Submission requirements differs based on Prefixed titles and pathway. Please see additional details on the Professional Prefix and Faculty Pathway page.

To begin the appointment or promotion process of obtaing an professor appointment please submit the following items to the Faculty Coordinator:


  • CV (USU or AAMC Format)
  • Statement of Academic Accomplishment and/or Educational Philosophy (two pages max)
  • Four Samples of Academic Publications (Reprints)
  • Command Endorsement
  • USU Form 107
  • Names and Address of at least 5 Peers or Colleagues at the rank of professor, from whom we can solicit Letters of Recommendations
  • Educator’s Portfolio (optional, however, encouraged)

Adjunct Professor

  • CV (USU or AAMC Format)
  • Statement of Academic Accomplishment and/or Educational Philosophy (2 pages max)
  • Four Samples of Academic Publications (Reprints)
  • Command Endorsement
  • USU Form 107
  • Educator’s Portfolio (optional, however, encouraged)

Clinical Professor

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the Faculty Coordinator.

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Faculty Coordinator

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Gary G. Wind, MD, FACS
Chair, Internal Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure

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Faculty Coordinator
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