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Center for Prostate Disease Research

CPDR is a comprehensive research program to study prostate cancer and prostate disease in the triservice military health care system. Established in 1992 (Public Law 102-172), CPDR has received funding from Congress through the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command since 1992.

Surgical Critical Care Initiative (SC2i)

The Surgical Critical Care Initiative (SC2i), an initiative funded by the DOD's Defense Health Program, was established in 2013 to develop decision-making tools in the management of complex and critically injured patients. To realize its vision, SC2i draws a considerable amount of expertise from the premier academic centers and research-focused organizations which form its core: Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Emory University - Grady Memorial Hospital, Duke University Medical Center, the Naval Medical Research Center, the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine, and Decision Q. Facilitating tissue acquisition and data analysis for improved decision-making algorithms are SC2i's principal focuses. Once validated, it is expected these efforts will subsequently lead to the rapid integration of these data streams into clinical practice, maximizing outcomes across any discipline requiring complex medical decision-making, including surgery, critical care, emergency medicine, orthopedics, transplant, and oncology. Approaches developed by SC2i are expected to simultaneously improve the quality and reduce the cost of care in critically-ill patients, for the benefit of both military and civilian healthcare systems.

Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC) - Regenerative Medicine

As one of the world's premier military laboratories, the Naval Medical Research Center's Regenerative Medicine Department is committed to cutting-edge translational research and personalized medicine. Our mission is to understand the response to injury and develop improved diagnostics, therapeutics and decision-support tools for combat-related injuries. The unique collaboration between physicians, scientists, engineers and mathematicians enables us to bring a broad variety of expertise to bear, in an effort to solve important but difficult clinical problems.

Cancer Vaccine Development Laboratory (CVDL)

The Cancer Vaccine Development Laboratory (CVDL) is solely responsible for providing all around support to the clinical trials and for guiding the direction, growth and development towards the planning, implementation and management of a very vibrant and successful translational research program aimed at discovering improved vaccines, adjuvants and novel immunotherapy approaches. Our success is clearly demonstrated by the numerous MTAs, CRADAs, patent filings and scientific publications that have been generated over the last five years. All of these collaborations and achievements have been at the national and international levels.

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