TSNRP Grant Applications


Annual TSNRP Courses:


Dissemination Course 

The TSNRP Research and Evidence-Based Practice Dissemination Course features keynote lectures by military nursing leaders and nationally known clinical experts, in addition to:

  • Break-out sessions with research and evidence-based practice presentations from TriService active, reserve, guard, and retired military nurse scientists and researchers.
  • Poster session featuring research and evidence-based practice (EBP) projects relevant to military nursing.
  • TSNRP-sponsored Research Interest Group team meetings and presentations.

The target audience for this course is Active, Reserve, Guard, and retired Nurse Corps officers from the Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as nursing personnel working within the Military Healthcare System.  Non-military nurses and other healthcare team members are welcome on a space-available basis. 

This course is offered each year.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic and Military Health System response, the 2020 Dissemination Course has been cancelled. Accepted abstracts will be uploaded to the link below for reference.


Presentation Abstracts


Grant Camp (5 days)

The TSNRP Grant Camp is designed for novice nurse scientists and graduate (master's and doctoral) nursing students who plan to submit a research or evidence based practice (EBP) grant application in response to a TSNRP Funding Opportunity Announcement. Grant Camp features a modest amount of didactic content about grantsmanship and a substantial time during which attendees apply the didactic content to continue writing their application on the appropriate grant application forms. Attendees receive faculty feedback regarding their grant applications throughout the course.  The goal of Grant Camp is for attendees to produce a scientifically sound research or EBP grant application on a topic that aligns with the priorities of TSNRP.

Attendees must be prepared to spend a significant amount of time, both before and during the course, preparing and writing their grant applications. Given the emphasis on grantsmanship, attendees are expected to arrive with a robust knowledge of the topic they have chosen, the research or EBP process, research/EBP design and methods, relevant variables and measures, and data analysis. Graduate students should have completed some methodology and statistics classes and, ideally, have selected at least the chairperson of their thesis or dissertation committee.

This course is offered each year in mid-July.

Grant Camp 2020 is cancelled.


Writing Workshop (3 days)

The Writing Workshop provides dedicated, mentored time to complete a:

  • Manuscript for publication
  • Clinical Practice Guideline
  • Grant proposal
  • Final/technical report
  • Other scientific product

The target audience for this course is Active, Reserve, Guard, and retired Nurse Corps officers from the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Course attendees should have completed preliminary work (eg. reviewed the literature and written an abstract/summary) prior to attending the workshop.

This workshop is offered each year in mid-September.

Writing Workshop 2020 will be offered virtually.