TSNRP Grant Applications

As Needed

TSNRP Courses offered as needed:


Evidence-Based Practice Workshop for Military Nursing and Readiness (1 day)

This workshop provides a foundational understanding of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) concepts, emphasizes the importance of EBP in the military healthcare system and readiness, and gives an opportunity to further develop an EBP project to implement in a military setting.  The workshop includes a pre-course prepatory reading and a one-day EBP Workshop for all participants.  A half-day EBP Coaching Workshop for current and future EBP Coaches at the hosting facility is offered the afternoon before to equip coaches to guide participants during the one-day EBP workshop.  Following the workshop, it is expected that there will be three post-course EBP coaching sessions completed in the months following the workshop.

Military treatment facilities personnel can request this this workshop to be held at their facility. The target audience is Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard and civilian nursing staff at the hosting facility.  Other healthcare professionals supporting the mission of the military healthcare system may apply; seating may be limited.

All 2020 EBP Workshops have been hosted at this time.


Evidence-Based Practice Leadership Course (varied length)

An Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Leadership Course provides critical information about the resources and support required from nursing leaders to foster a spirit of clinical inquiry and ensure successful evidence-based practice efforts occur within their organization.  The course content is geared toward those in formal nursing leadership roles, and the length of the course can vary based on the needs of the facility or organization. 

The audience for this course is targeted to to Active Duty, Guard and Reserve Navy nursing in formal leadership roles; other healthcare professionals in leadership positions in the military healthcare system may also be included if appropriate.


Other courses (varied length)

Depending on the identified educational need, additional courses that focus on research or evidence based practice can be sponsored by TSNRP.  Some previous courses include:

  • Introduction to Research
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Joanna Briggs Institute Systematic Review Training
  • Women’s Health Publication Workshop