TSNRP Grant Applications

As Needed

TSNRP Courses offered as needed:


Evidence Based Practice Workshop for Military Nursing and Readiness (1 day + online modules)

This workshop provides a foundational understanding of Evidence Based Practice (EBP) concepts, emphasizes the importance of EBP in the military healthcare system and readiness, and gives an opportunity to further develop an EBP project to implement in a military setting.  The workshop includes a pre-course online preparatory module, a half-day EBP Coaching Workshop for selected participants, a one-day EBP Workshop for all participants, and three post-course EBP coaching sessions to be completed in the months following the workshop.

Military treatment facilities personnel can request this this workshop to be held at their facility. The target audience is Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard and civilian nursing staff at the hosting facility.  Other healthcare professionals supporting the mission of the military healthcare system may apply; seating may be limited.


EBP Workshop at Scott Air Force Base: 21-22 June 2018


Evidence-Based Practice Leadership Course (2 days)

An Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Leadership Course is being offered in conjunction with the Air Force Nursing Practice Oversight Course (NPOC).  It will provide critical information about the resources and support required from nursing leaders to foster a spirit of clinical inquiry and ensure successful evidence-based practice efforts occur within their organization.  The course content is geared toward those in formal nursing leadership roles, and will be a working conference with two full days of instruction.  Course acceptance will be based on the potential benefit to the nursing staff at the MTF level; applications from both the Chief Nurse and 4N (Medical Technician) Functional at the same MTF will receive the highest priority. 

The audience for this course is limited to Active Duty, Guard and Reserve Air Force nursing leaders attending NPOC in 2018.


Back Pain Summit

The issue of chronic back pain due to overuse or injury is prevalent in the military, impacting the readiness of servicemembers to carry out their very active roles at home and in theater.  While some research has been done in this area, very little has been published on how nurses can impact the prevention of back injury and the care for those with chronic back pain issues in the military.

This summit aims to gather those working in this space (clinical and research nurses, as well as physicians and others interested in supporting servicemembers with back issues) to talk about the state of the science, what is seen clinically in this realm, and future directions for research, policy, and practice.  Our goal is to focus on how nurses can lead the way in this important element of servicemember readiness.

This event will be held at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences on 15 August.

Back Pain Summit Registration


Other courses (varied length)

Depending on the identified educational need, additional courses that focus on research or evidence based practice can be sponsored by TSNRP.  Some previous courses include:

  • Introduction to Research
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Joanna Briggs Institute Systematic Review Training
  • Women’s Health Publication Workshop