Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals


TSNRP publishes funding announcements three times during the year:
  - A-Call is posted by the end of July, with proposals due the first Tuesday of October
  - B-Call is posted by the end of November, with proposals due the first Tuesday in February
  - Open Call is posted in October, with submissions accepted through 1 June.  Award categories for the Open Call are limited to Graduate Awards and Nurse Corps directed projects.

Currently the “Open Call” is accepting applications for Graduate Awards and Nurse Corps directed project.  The funding announcement and instructions are posted on grants.gov and the system is ready to accept proposals through 1 June 2019.

The FY2019 TSNRP Open Call Funding Announcement (HU0001-19-TSNRP-0002) is posted at 



As outlined in the funding announcement, all applicants must apply through an eligible Applicant Organization; individuals cannot submit an application on their own. 

First-time applicants are encouraged to refer to the Information Packet to more fully understand the process, and engage early with the Applicant Organization to meet the projected deadlines.

Although not a required form for the application, the Grant Application Summary Template may be a helpful resource to answer the required elements of the TSNRP Grant Application Summary and Evaluation.  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions may also be a helpful resource.

If there are any further questions that have not been fully addressed by the instructions within grants.gov, please contact Col Jennifer Hatzfeld via email at jennifer.hatzfeld@usuhs.edu or by telephone at 301-319-0596. 

We look forward to receiving your proposals!