TSNRP Grant Application Review Process

TSNRP Grant Application Review Process

TSNRP funds innovative, high-impact research by military nurses that will lead to improved patient outcomes and better quality of life for all members of the armed forces and their beneficiaries. To meet this goal, TSNRP employs a rigorous, three-step review process for all grant applications. This process ensures that TSNRP ultimately funds the most promising research in the field of military nursing.

Specific review criteria for each type of award are listed in the Call for Proposals.

  1. Scientific Review—A panel of senior nurse scientists evaluates and scores each application. Military nurse scientists from each of the three services assess the feasibility of the proposed study in the military setting but do not indicate a score. Each proposal is evaluated for scientific and technical merit, independent of other submissions.
  2. Programmatic Review—The TSNRP Advisory Council evaluates applications after scientific review. Proposals are evaluated for their feasibility and relevance to TSNRP's research priorities and portfolio.
  3. Final Review—The TSNRP Executive Board of Directors makes the final funding determinations for all applications. Decisions are based on the mission and focus areas of TSNRP, outcomes of the scientific merit and programmatic reviews, and recommendations of the Advisory Council.

Throughout each step, two independent observers ensure that reviewers, Council members, and Board members follow all ethical and scientific rules of behavior. TSNRP staff provides support for all levels of the review process.

TSNRP notifies applicants of funding decisions in April (for November submissions) and June (for March submissions). There are four possible outcomes:

  1. Funded.
  2. Funded with stipulations.
  3. Revise and resubmit.
  4. Decision not to fund.

For all categories, applicants receive copies of the scientific and programmatic review summaries created during the grant evaluation process.