Final Report


Final Reports, together with your effort in dissemination, ensure that military nursing research continues to be an integral part of practice and policy.

The Final Report is the product of your funded research. Use the report template as a guide. You must submit clearance from your Department of Defense Public Affairs Office with your final report.

TSNRP recommends that your report not exceed 75 to 125 pages. This limitation includes the abstract, the references, and all tables and figures. It does not include appendices.

When preparing your Final Report, keep in mind that it will be publicly available through the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), the governmental repository for federally funded research.

Abstracts from Final Reports are posted in the online database for the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL).


Please submit one original (with signature) and two paper copies as well as one electronic copy as a Word document on a rewritable CD, along with signed release forms for NTIS and CINAHL. Do not send a PDF file.

You will be notified in writing of receipt of your report within 15 business days. You will receive the final assessment of your report within 60 days. If you do not receive a response, contact your grantee organization.

Submit your report on time. Late reporting violates the grant terms and conditions and may be viewed negatively at programmatic reviews for future funding.


TSNRP conducts an independent, scientific review of your study goals, objectives, and reported achievements. If the scientific reviewers make recommendations for amendments, you will be notified in writing that you must amend parts or all of the report. You have 30 days to make the requested changes. Contact TSNRP if you have difficulties due to deployment or other hardship.

Failure to respond in the designated time will result in an adverse report to the respective specialty leader. Failure to acknowledge the change requirements will result in an adverse report to your Corps Chief.

TSNRP proofreads your Final Report for APA format and grammar/spelling errors. You may be contacted if further clarification and/or proofreading changes are needed. If no further information is required, TSNRP follows the following steps to complete the Final Report process:

  1. A copy of the edited report is returned to you for proofing revisions.
  2. Revised report and abstract are reviewed for completeness upon receipt (within 30 days).
  3. Final Report is sent to NTIS; link to NTIS website is placed on TSNRP website.
  4. Abstract is sent to CINAHL; abstract is posted on TSNRP website.


The process takes approximately three to nine months after initial receipt of your Final Report.