TriService Nursing Research Program

Doctorally prepared nurses from the Army, Navy, and Air Force began meeting informally in 1988 at the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States convention. In fall 1990, representatives from all three services formed the Federal Nursing Research Interest Group; it later became the TriService Nursing Research Group (TSNR Group).

In spring 1991, these representatives, along with their respective Corps Chief or Directors, met with the National Center for Nursing Research (NCNR, now the National Institute for Nursing Research) to discuss how NCNR could assist the military services with developing a coordinated strategy of nursing research.

The meeting concluded with informal recognition of the TSNR Group by the Corps Chiefs and Directors and NCNR's commitment to consult on matters relevant to military nursing research. The TSNR Group became responsible for finding ways to promote military nursing research collectively and individually, within and across the services.

The 1996 U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Authorization Act contained specific language authorizing TSNRP as part of the DoD Health Care Program, administered by the TSNR Group and established at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

Relationship with Other Department of Defense Research Programs

A $5 million appropriation for TSNRP represents a modest portion of the total funds allocated for research in the DoD budget. The entire FY 1996 DoD appropriation of more than $243 billion included more than $36 billion for research, development, test, and evaluation. The $5 million TSNRP funds are incorporated in the $10 billion DoD health care appropriation (P.L. 104-61).

TSNRP dollars are intended entirely for nursing research—an area not addressed by other military research programs. Few, if any, doctorally prepared nurse researchers participate as investigators in other DoD medical research, development, test, and evaluation programs.

Authorization and Appropriations

Authorization and Appropriations

Fiscal Year Appropriation Authorization
1992 $1 million S.R. 102-154
1993 $2 million P.L. 102-396
1994 $3 million H.R. 3116
1995 $5 million H.R. 4650
1996 $5 million 104 USC 10
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Nurses from three services met informally at the AMSUS convention.


Nurses from three services formed the Federal Nursing Research Interest Group (later TriService Nursing Research Group).


TSNR Group met with National Center for Nursing Research.


Initial $1 million appropriated for TSNRP under S.R. 102-154.


TSNRP authorized as part of DoD Health Care Program established at USUHS.


Institute of Medicine Committee on Military Nursing Research. (1996).The Program for Research in Military Nursing: Progress and Future Direction. Washington, DC: National Academies Press.