Initial and Continuing Review

Initial Review

You must submit approval from the institutional review board (IRB) and/or institutional animal care and use committee (IACUC) at each data collection site before beginning your study. You cannot spend grant money until you have submitted these forms to TSNRP, received secondary approval by the IRB of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS), and received your start letter.

Following USUHS approval, TSNRP will send you a start letter, at which time your research project can begin.

Continuing Review

Annual IRB/IACUC review is required for all continuing projects. You must forward documentation from each continuing review at each data collection site to TSNRP, through your grantee organization. Your study can be suspended if you fail to submit IRB documentation in a timely manner.

TSNRP developed a checklist outlining the necessary documents for secondary IRB approval. (Shaded items are required.)