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Military Women's Health RIG

TSNRP En Route Care Research Interest Group

The Military Women’s Health Research Interest Group is led by Col Candy Wilson, CAPT (ret) Jacqueline Rychnovsky, COL (ret) Lori Trego, LTC (ret) Nancy Steele, Lt Col Dawnkimberly Hopkins, LTC Leilani Siaki, and CDR Jennifer Buechel.

The mission of this multi-disciplinary, TriService team is to be responsive to the changing faces of the U.S. Armed Forces by bringing together a group of scientists, clinicians, and other professionals interested in understanding the health and illness as related to sex and gender within the military healthcare system through the research process.  

The goal is to develop an interdisciplinary research and evidence-based practice agenda that will be responsive to Defense Health Agency/Military Health System needs by building scientific evidence, strengthening interagency collaborations, mentoring research scientists, and advancing the translation of evidence into clinical practice application to support the advancement of all Service Members in military service.


Our military women’s health topics of special interest include:

Gender Specific & Reproductive Care (Contraception/Menses, GU, OB, Mothering, & STI)

General Health (Systems, Occupational Health, Nutrition, Performance, Exercise, Deployment & Post-Deployment Health)

Mental Health, including PTSD and Stress

Substance Abuse, including Tobacco

Trauma (IPV, DV, Abuse, MST, & Injury)

Our current initiatives include:

The Military Women's Health Researcher Guide, now in its sixth edition, which includes contact information, presentations & publications, areas of research interest, and collaboration interests of  50+ military women's health researchers - Inquire to receive an electronic copy and/or be included in our next edition of this guide as a subject matter expert.

Scoping review of military women's health research literature (from 2000-2015), used for an online searchable database (as a counterpart to the VA’s database on veteran women’s health), and evaluated for knowledge gaps to guide future women’s health proposals.

A quarterly military women's health research conference call to highlight current military women’s health research and foster collaboration and communication among research scientists and agencies in the subject area - Inquire to share your institutional initiatives on the calls and network with other researchers.

Look for the results of our Delphi study in 2019 (PI:  Dr. Lori Trego, COL (ret), USA, AN).  The study team from the University of Colorado, College of Nursing, Anschutz Medical Campus partnered with the MWHRIG to explore research topics needed to support women as reported by military and health care leaders.   


Interested in military women’s health and think this RIG could be a resource for you and your work?  Would you like to inquire about an initiative of the group? 
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