Post Award Training

Post-Award Grant Training

TSNRP provides a Post-Award Grant Management Course for newly funded principal investigators and project directors. The course comprises five online training modules covering TSNRP grant management; introduction to TSNRP federal grants; reporting; use of animals: IACUC review; and human subjects protections regulations and requirements, as well as practical information on managing your grant. This course is mandatory for all newly funded principal investigators who have not previously attended and must be completed with ninety (90) days upon receipt of grant award letter. All grantees must complete Managing Your TSNRP Grant, Introductions to TSNRP Federal Grants, Reports That Make a Difference, and either Use of Animals: IACUC Review or Human Subject Protections. For those involved in human subjects research, complete the Human Subject Protections module; for those involved in animal research, complete the Use of Animals: IACUC Review module. You may complete both, but it is not a requirement.

Post-Award Grant Workshop Presentations

After you have viewed the required four (4) out of five (5) online training modules, digitally sign and submit an email stating which online modules you have completed and total time to complete to, and