Evidence Based Practice Readiness at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth

Evidence Based Practice Readiness at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth


Name: Leslie Augustino


Presenter/Poster: Presentation and Poster

Year: 2019


This evidence based practice (EBP) project includes a pre and post assessment of the culture of EBP at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. These measures include EBP readiness, beliefs and implementation. The assessment information will provide information for the development of an EBP mentorship program.

The PICOT question is: In clinical nurses, how does an EBP mentorship program compared to no EBP mentorship program effect EBP readiness, beliefs and EBP implementation?

In a 2011 study by Breckenridge-Sproat and colleagues, an EBP mentorship program was instituted, and a study conducted to determine readiness, beliefs and implementation of EBP. Findings were statistically significant for improvement in EBP activities throughout the command. A similar study was conducted by Yackle et al. (2013) which sought to improve the adoption of EBP among nurses in Army outpatient medical treatment facilities. The team utilized the Breckenridge-Sproat and colleagues surveys and achieved statistically significant findings.

This project will replicate the methods of the previous studies with a pre-posttest design to evaluate the EBP mentoring program using the Advancing Research and Clinical practice through close Collaboration (ARCC) model. The same validated tools will be used: The Organizational Readiness for System-wide Integration of EBP; the EBP Beliefs scale; and the EBP Implementation scale. This study has been deemed as “non-human subjects research” by the command institutional review board. The intent is to deploy the pre-survey for a one month period and initiate the mentorship training program. A post-survey will be conducted 3-6 months following the EBP mentorship training.

 The preliminary findings will be discussed.


This project supports the strategic goals of the Navy. The utilization of EBP promotes best practices and quality outcomes to ensure the readiness and health of our troops. EBP allows nurses to provide the best care to Sailors, Marines, and their families to keep them healthy and ready. EBP improves the nurse corps’ abilities to provide scientifically sound care and to promote optimal health outcomes.


4 keywords: Evidence-based, Mentorship Programs, Readiness and Healthcare