Scholarly Writing Groups: Supporting Military Nurses Through the Writing Process

Scholarly Writing Groups: Supporting Military Nurses Through the Writing Process


Name: Jennifer Buechel

Rank: CDR

Presenter/Poster: Podium

Year: 2017


Description: The purpose of this project is to describe the development of a scholarly writing group used by a group of military nurses to support scientific writing goals.
Specific Aim: The aim of this project is to provide a model of a scholarly writing group implemented by military nurses.
Background: Writing productively is essential to military nursing scholarship. Individuals may find the scientific writing experience to be tedious, overwhelming, and discouraging. Barriers to writing include personal characteristics, time constraints, and managing professional commitments. Writing groups have been identified as a strategy to overcome writing barriers and promote cultures that support scholarly productivity and collegiality.
Methods: In September 2016, the Nursing Research Department at a large military treatment facility organized a group for the enhancement of nurses’ scholarly writing ability, knowledge, and productivity. Military nurses known to have writing projects in progress were invited to join the group. The group consisted of military nurses from diverse clinical backgrounds and educational degrees. Members met bi-weekly for meetings lasting 60 to 90 minutes. Writing projects were identified for peer review, and authors were provided with constructive critiques. Members also presented lectures on writing topics (e.g. journal submissions, abstract calls, writing challenges, public affairs approval process).
Findings: The scholarly writing group convened 8 times with 3 to 7 members in attendance at each meeting. To date, the group has reviewed 9 writing projects and presented 4 lectures. One manuscript has been selected for publication and 1 abstract for presentation. In addition, 4 abstracts have been submitted for conferences and 3 projects are under revision.
Implications for Military Nursing: Writing groups may stimulate the development of research and evidenced based practice scholarship for military nurses. Benefits of writing groups may include external motivation via group accountability and mentorship. Creating a non-competitive, supportive environment may increase enthusiasm for scholarship via discussion, increased self-confidence, and stimulation of positive emotions related to writing. This model of a scholarly writing group may be adapted by other military nurses to achieve scientific writing goals.
Keywords: scholarship, writing groups, dissemination, collaboration