Surgical Services Digital Operating Room Library Performance Improvement Project

Surgical Services Digital Operating Room Library Performance Improvement Project


Name: Julia Catanese

Rank: CPT

Presenter/Poster: Podium and Poster

Year: 2018


BACKGROUND: The surgical environment is one of constant change and technology advances, resulting in perioperative nurses and surgical technicians to navigate the ever-evolving equipment while caring for the surgical patient in various surgical services and surgeons. Consistent teaching methods and references are necessary to provide pertinent and customized information to the right staff member at the right time. Through utilizing existing computer infrastructure, Surgical Services Digital O.R. Library will serve as a learner centered educational environment that is used to reach a large number of staff with a variety of learning styles. PICO: In the OR, concerning OR Nurses and Surgical Technicians, does the use of the DOPS OR Library, when compared to current practice, increase a positive perception of service hand offs and comfort levels in the Gynecological Surgical Service? Setting: This performance improvement project takes place at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC), the Department of Defense’s largest Military Treatment Facility and sole Level 1 Trauma Center, with twenty-eight surgical suites, twelve different surgical services, ninety-one nurses, and one-hundred and eleven surgical technicians. METHODS: Through utilizing a literature review to date, we developed a pre and post assessment tool to evaluate the BAMC OR staff’s current methods of obtaining procedure information and perceptions of efficacy. We plan on distributing the pre-assessment tool, educating staff using a standardized reference file specific to the Gynecological Surgical Service, and then conduct a post assessment on the staff. Based on the results, full BAMC OR adoption will be considered by nursing leadership. FINDINGS: This project is currently in execution phase and findings are TBD within the next two weeks. IMPLICATIONS: This project has the potential to have multiple substantial impacts for perioperative nursing: enhancing nurse and surgical technician training, enhance the new staff orientation process, increase work efficiency, and ensure active management of knowledge and continuity of each surgical service.