TSNRP Prior Approval

Prior Approval

You must request prior approval from TSNRP before instituting any of the changes listed below. Forward a written request with adequate justification from the grantee organization to TSNRP for consideration.

  • Change of objective or scope of the grant.
  • Change in an essential person specified in the grant and/or absence for more than 3 months or a 25% reduction of the principal investigator's time and effort.
  • Transfer of funds between budget categories when the cumulative amount is greater than 10% of total approved budget.
  • Transfer of funds budgeted for indirect costs to absorb increases in direct costs or vice versa.
  • Transfer of funds allotted for training allowances.
  • Sub-grant or subcontract not specified in approved budget.
  • Expenditures of more than $5,000 for equipment not specified in approved budget.
  • Expenditures for foreign travel unless specified in approved budget.
  • Extension of the budget or project period of award.
  • Need for additional federal funding.
  • Provision of "Cash Awards."