TSNRP Research Interest Group

Research Interest Groups

TSNRP Research Interest Group LeadersResearch Interest Group leaders meet with Lt Col Jennifer Hatzfeld and Megan Foradori at the
TSNRP Research and Evidence Based Practice Dissemination Course (August 2016)

TSNRP is proud to support military nurse-led research interest groups (RIGs), teams connecting multidisciplinary researchers with common interests for collaboration, mentoring, and education. 

Working in teams - and spread all over the globe! - the groups work to overcome the common challenges of research collaboration, answering:

    • Who is working in my space? How can I connect with other researchers in my topic area in my own service and beyond?
    • How can I fit research collaboration into my already busy schedule?
    • What projects might we work on together to advance the science in our field?

Taking on these questions, the teams work to strengthen the collaborative nursing research environment within their spheres of influence.  TSNRP welcomes proposals for new topical teams relevant to advancing the science of military nursing. To be considered, prospective RIG teams must:

    • align with TSNRP’s written research priorities
    • have at least five active members from at least two (preferably three) Services
    • demonstrate at least 12 months of active member engagement
    • carry out a comprehensive review of the state of the science (and/or gap analysis)
    • develop a draft charter with short and long term goals

If the RIG is approved by the TSNRP Executive Board of Directors, the team will be expected to provide the following RIG deliverables:

    • an annual plan and budget
    • a topical reference library/database
    • network of subject matter experts for collaboration and mentoring in their field

If you are interested in developing a research interest group in your field of interest, please email the TSNRP Research Agenda Program Coordinator at emily.bell.ctr@usuhs.edu.

Learn more about the research interest groups at triservicenursing.org/rig/ (link is not an official TSNRP website)