TSNRP Resource Requests

Resource Requests

An important strategic goal of TSNRP is to provide a Tri-Service infrastructure to enhance military nursing research and advance evidence-based practice. 

One way we achieve that goal is through the TSNRP Resource Center, which has the capability of providing textbooks, software licenses, and other resources that can be used at individual military facilities and within military organizations.  When requesting resources, the specific item(s), item cost, and expected benefit (or return on investment) must be provided to be able to determine if the resources are appropriate for TSNRP to provide.  Please complete a TSNRP Resource Request Form and send to kemia.duncan.ctr@usuhs.edu for consideration.

Another important way to achieve that goal is by making sure that nurses within the Military Health System are aware of TSNRP and the funding and resources opportunities to enhance their clinical practice.  TSNRP has developed an “Outreach Kit” containing an information bookmark, pens, notebooks and other TSNRP-branded items available to pass out to nursing staff as you have the opportunity to speak about nursing research and evidence-based practice. If you are interested in having TSNRP items sent to your site as a way to help us spread the word about this program, please fill out the TSNRP Outreach Kit Request Form and send it to shannon.sarino.ctr@usuhs.edu.


Currently, the following outreach items are available:

  • Information Bookmark
  • Ballpoint Pen (Maroon or Blue color) with TSNRP website
  • TSNRP post it notes
  • CPR Shield



A limited number of codes are available for the electronic version of the "Battlefield and Disaster Nursing Pocket Guide," Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2nd edition (Bridges & McNeill, eds.).
There are two options for downloading the electronic version:
Option 1
Download Bookshelf on a non-networked computer.  Once the download completes, you will be asked to create an account. Once the account is set up, it will ask you to Redeem Code.  The code is the ecode that we will provide the user once they email us for the code.  
The guide can also be downloaded on a cell phone after it has been downloaded to a laptop. 
Option 2 
If trying to access the guide at an MTF, go to the Vital Source online web reader at  to set up an account as firewalls will block trying to download Bookshelf.  Once the account is set up online, redeem the code provided by TSNRP.  
To request codes, please send an email to kemia.duncan.ctr@usuhs.edu with the following information: Rank/name, MTF, Number of codes needed.