TSNRP Sample Grant Agreement Forms

Sample Grant Agreement

Sample Grant Agreement

TSNRP grants are subject to a range of government regulations. The grant agreement specifies the terms and conditions for your award and its implementation. The agreement provides important guidance to ensure that you comply with all pertinent regulations.

You and your grantee organization must review the agreement immediately to ensure that the amount of funds, grantee name, and mailing address are correct and that the payment provisions are the same terms requested in your application. If corrections are needed, call TSNRP and send a letter for correction, verification, or renegotiation.

The major components of a grant agreement are outlined below.

USUHS Grant Number (Example: HU0001-11-1-TS65)

The first six alphabetic letters and digits represent a code used by the Department of Defense to track and manage grants. The next two numbers represent the year that the grant award was made. The final five letters and digits are used by the Uniformed Services University of the Health Science (USUHS) to manage grants.

There is an additional number which is used primarily by TSNRP staff to identify grants. For example, N11-P25, the "N" represents nursing, followed by digits which represent the fiscal year in which the funds were awarded. The next letter identifies the funding cycle and the final two numbers are assigned based on the order in which the application was received.


Modification refers to the number of times a grant agreement is negotiated or modified. The term "Original" indicates a first-time agreement between USUHS and your grantee institution. All future modifications to the agreement are numbered and amended with any new terms and conditions listed.

Awarded To

Awards are made to institutions, not individuals. The grantee organization administers the overall grant agreement and regulates your policies and budget. Grant administration includes financial analysis for accounting, tax or Internal Revenue Service requirements, legal counsel, general correspondence, and other types of management.

You and your grantee organization should be familiar with the regulations that govern federal grants and ensure compliance with them. To accomplish this task, you must maintain close communication with your grantee organization.

Principal Investigator

This title refers to the individual researcher conducting or supervising the conduct of research identified in the Project Title. As the principal investigator, you have primary responsibility for implementing and managing your grant and communicating with TSNRP and USUHS through your grantee organization.

Period of Award

The period of award is the time frame legally covered by the grant when budgeted funds are available. The award period is established in the grant application (1-, 2-, or 3-year grants) and through negotiations among TSNRP and USUHS, your grantee organization, and you.

The Budget Period and the Project Period begin and end at the same time, although exceptions can occur. Funds are available on the start date of the period of award, although stipulations noted in the award notification and institutional review board approvals must be met prior to receiving a funding release letter from TSNRP.

Funds may be used until the award period ends. After that occurs, no funds may be used and the Final Report for the project becomes due 90 days later. The period of award may be extended by a "no-cost extension."

Project Title

The title of the supported research is specified in the grant application. TSNRP funds support only the project listed in the grant agreement. Funds may not be directed to other projects or support institutional functions unrelated to the project.

Awarded By

This section provides the grantor agency address and telephone numbers. USUHS is the grantor for TSNRP awards. TSNRP is the agency providing funding support and regulating the requirements of the grant agreement. TSNRP is a key source of information about the grant and its management. All initial questions about the grant agreement should be directed to USUHS through TSNRP.

Invoice Processing and Pay Station

This section identifies the organization that processes and pays invoices for grant expenditures. Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) processes and pays USUHS/TSNRP award invoices.

Amount of This Action

The total funds awarded for the grant include both direct and indirect costs. The award may vary from the original requested budget if specific budget items were modified.

Your grantee organization should use this amount to set up the financial account for the grant. You must be aware of the amount that has been awarded for your grant.

Legislative Authority to Award This Grant

This section supplies the federal code and law, or legal document, as a reference for all grant regulations, terms, and conditions.

Accounting Information

The accounting data denote codes used by USUHS to fund projects.

Terms and Conditions

Specific and significant conditions listed here address programmatic requirements; however, this list is not all-inclusive, so you must review carefully the special provisions attached to the agreement. Any further questions should be directed to TSNRP.

Awardee Institution's Approval

The grant agreement is signed by an officer/administrator with your grantee institution.

Awarding Institution's Approval

The approval is signed by an organizational officer with USUHS.