Uniformed Services at USU

Uniformed Services Spotlight


 Not everyone who comes to this university has uniformed experience. In fact, about half of USU's medical students first learn about military life on this campus.

They also gain a unique professional expertise here, because traditional medicine is taught alongside other more unique skills - like how to create a fully functional field hospital from scratch.

In the end, all of our graduates - whether receiving their first or fifth assignment orders - are ready to practice military medicine wherever duty calls.

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The Uniformed Services at USU

Most students at USU are serving their country while attending school as officers in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Public Health Service. They commission before matriculating, and become Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen before their journey into military medicine begins.

After arriving on campus, students from all uniformed branches begin working toward a common goal - learn to care for those in harm's way. A strong bond, forged by a shared mission, unites them all. But, it doesn't make picking the right service an easy choice.

Each branch is unique, after all. Organizational structures, cultures and opportunities vary greatly from service to service.

The outstanding aerospace medicine programs in the Air Force, for example, draw dozens of aspiring flight surgeons to USU each year. Others, find the Army's time-honored heritage, the oldest of all service corps, appealing. Extensive travel opportunities, at land and sea, exist in the Navy, and Public Health Service officers care for communities in need at home.

So much unites and distinguishes America's uniformed services. This website was developed by USU to help prospective students discover their best fit and answer important service-specific questions.